We Had a Birthday Party, Got a Tree, Saw Santa, and the Stomach Flu...#ParentingAchievementUnlocked

Nov 28, 2016
I hope you all enjoyed the holiday, I know we did.  Did you?  I, fresh off a trip to LA (and crazy jet-lagged) spent four days sharing a room with my brood.  Not exactly the most sleep friendly environment.  The good news is...I didn't cook.  There is no emoji that can fully describe that particular joy!

So...Belle is turning three.

I just can't even really talk about that, but we did have a family party at Thanksgiving (actually on Black Friday).  It was really special because all of the hubs' family was in town, and she got to hang out with her cousins.  Kind of a kid perfect party.

Smile Brilliant...Affordable, Dentist Quality Tooth Whitening at Home

Nov 22, 2016
There are some things that I want to do, that I just don't have the time and money for.  One of those is tooth whitening. Making an appointment for something other than a routine cleaning means finding a sitter, and generally insurance doesn't cover cosmetic stuff.  It can cost thousands of dollars!  Smile Brilliant is an at home, affordable option!

Disney's Moana...Our Sneak Peek and My Thoughts

Nov 17, 2016

If you follow me on social media, you know that I have been very excited about Moana. As a parent, I know that if I take my kids to a Disney movie, that it will be well made, entertaining for all of us, and I don't have to worry about inappropriate content.  I appreciate that.  This movie, with a brand new "princess", was SO EXCITING!

Ideas for Christmas Gifts that Don't Mean a Ton of Stuff in Your House

Nov 15, 2016
*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are mine.*

One of our favorite dinner places is regularly on Groupon

Have I mentioned that I am tired of all the clutter around my house?  The toys seem to pile up, get broken, but heaven forbid I throw one away.  Clara breaks into floods of tears, proclaiming each item to be her favorite.  Its tragic for her and painful for me.  I had an idea that means less stuff around the house, and it involves experiences.

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