How to create your OWN smash cake session-why let kids have all the fun!

Jun 19, 2018
About a year ago, I saw a picture of a very elegant smash cake session...with an adult.  Inspiration hit, and I had to find a photographer to collaborate with me on my crazy idea.  Voila!  My friend Daniel came through, and my birthday smash cake session was born!  It was so much fun, and why shouldn't we have some too?! *this post contains commission referral links, and here is a link to my privacy policy*

Adult smash cake session, adults can play too!
My shirt 

My eight year old saw the Incredibles 2, and she is sharing her thoughts! With fun printables!

Jun 13, 2018
So last night, Clara, was one of the first kids in Maryland to see Incredibles 2.  She's pretty sure that no one at school will believe her, which cracks me up.  She shared all of her spoiler-free thoughts about Incredibles 2 here...

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Elastagirl from the incredibles

Everything you need to know about a Family Trip to the Gaylord National Resort

Jun 12, 2018
We love to travel.  Sometimes, it just isn't feasible to take a big trip with the family.  I have a birthday coming up next week, and it is the end of the school year, so we decided to check out The Gaylord National Resort and SummerFest, which goes until September 3.

View of the Gaylord National Harbor from the Capitol wheel

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Fathers Day Gift Ideas for every Type of Dad!!!

Jun 4, 2018
Ok, I know Mothers Day has barely passed and every day should be Mothers Day.  At least I think so...Anywhoo, it's time to think about Father's Day and I have some great gift ideas.  Here is a link to my updated privacy policy, and this post contains sponsored links.

Fathers day gift ideas from little kids to daddy
They are always so excited to see daddy!

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