Thinking, Wearing, Eating...volume three

Aug 15, 2018
Did you notice how I did that?  Not reading, but eating?  That's because I have two new food things I need to share with you.  *Here is a link to my updated privacy policy, and this post contains affiliate links.*

Do the Boozy Popscicles Pass the Test? 8 Easy Steps to Make them

Aug 7, 2018
Yes, my shirt says resting beach face and I love it. Get it on Amazon here.

I was challenged by Barleans to make a delicious summer popsicle.  I was initially like YES!  The kids will love this, but then I  I am going to make a boozy, adult popsicle sure to make this mama happy on a hot summer day!  This post was sponsored by Barlean's, but all of the content is my opinion.  Here is a link to my updated privacy policy, and this post contains affiliate links.

7 Things About Restaurant Week You'll Kick Yourself for Not Knowing

Aug 3, 2018
We live in Howard County, Maryland.  We have convenient access to Baltimore, Annapolis and Washington DC.  As such we can take advantage of a LOT of different activities.  One of my favorites?  Restaurant week.  Here are some reasons why you definitely don't want to miss it!  Here is a link to my privacy policy. Visit Howard County Board hosted us for the purposes of review.

Family visit to restaurant week
Ananda at Maple Lawn, fine dining and family friendly

I Did Not Have a Normal Childhood, in a good way. Get to know me!

Jul 31, 2018
This cannot be one post.  There are honestly just too many things to tell you.  In the interest of full disclosure, I am letting you know a little bit more about me, and why I am so weird.

My parents were divorced.  But even before that, my dad was an F-14 pilot.  Yes, like Maverick.  When I was a baby, we moved to Subic Bay (in the Philippines) where I spent my formative years with stories of monkeys invading the hospital, and huge snakes climbing the fence out of the jungle.

Me, naked in the yard in the Philippines 

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