How to take AMAZING fall pictures with kids!

Oct 18, 2018
Fall! It is a wonderful time to take some family pictures, right? The weather isn't too hot, and there
are so many outdoor activities that fool them into being the perfect models. HA! Here are some ideas
to take those amazing fall pictures with your kids. This post was originally posted by Howard County
Dads, and republished with permission. Howard County Dads is a GREAT informational website to
get dads involved! Here is a link to my updated privacy policy.

Once the heat starts fading away, it’s a great time to be outside creating all sorts of adventures. It’s
also a great time of year to photograph your kids, as they will be in a happier mood when not
overheated, and fall presents lots of opportunities to explore the changing season. In this post, we’ll
look at some ideas for keeping the kids busy and documenting their activities.

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6 YOU Investments to Incorporate into your Everyday Life!

Oct 15, 2018
Life can get pretty crazy, mom life... right?!  We can become so busy to the point where
we get to the end of the week and realize 7 whole days (or maybe longer) has gone by and you
haven’t done anything for yourself! Studies have actually shown that men have more “me time”
than women throughout their week by 5 hrs. There are small investments you can make
throughout your week to help you prevent this and close that gap between men and women!  Here is a link to my updated privacy information.

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We bought the internet's most loved mattress...did it live up to the hype?

Sep 21, 2018
We have had our old mattress for 10 years, and it was time to go.  Mattresses are expensive, and we found that spending thousands of dollars for a new one was crazy.  So, a Facebook ad for a popular online mattress company popped up, and I clicked.  We ended up buying that mattress, and here is some more information on why, our unboxing, customer service, and first nights sleep!  *this post contains affiliate links, but was not sponsored.  You can find more privacy policy information here.

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Why I will never be a decor blogger, kids "special" gifts everywhere.  AND the mattress.

Hot, New Organic/Natural Products...the Best of Expo Picks

Sep 18, 2018
I spent the weekend scouring the natural and organic products expo to bring you some of my FAVORITES.  There were a lot, so this is really hard.  All of my top finds from Expo East are pretty new/or unveiled, and may not be in stores just yet.  This post contains affiliate links, and here is a link to my updated privacy information.  Here they are, the hot new products in natural and organic!

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Last day of Expo!

What to look for in Natural/Organic Products

Sep 12, 2018
I am headed to a trade show (Natural Products Expo), and I am always looking for new, and improved, natural and organic products.  Things that make my mom life easier, and are make my home less toxic.  Part of why I do this, is that I want to share things that work, and will hopefully make your home healthier too.  This post contains affiliate links, and here is a link to my updated privacy policy.

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Picture for cute

Go to Tricks to save money on kids clothes

Sep 6, 2018
Clothes are expensive!  No kidding, and as much as I love some Target, I get really tired of buying clothes that don't last.  That or they pill, and shrink when I wash them. I have some money saving ideas, that don't mean sacrificing quality...

That's why I'm sharing my go-to-tricks for saving money on kids clothes!

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Clearly only the little one thinks I'm funny.  Clothing from McAdoodle.

*this post contains affiliate links, and some of the clothing was borrowed for the purposes of review.*

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