Sakara Life Honest Review: are the meals worth it?

I have tried just about all of the meal delivery programs available: the personal ones like Daily Harvest (vegan food); the family-sized ones like Hello Fresh; and organic meal delivery service Green Chef.  I decided to try Sakara Life because I eat terribly with the kids at home (hi leftover kids lunches), and Sakara life gives me an easy, delicious option that doesn't rhyme with Shmicken Shmuggets. Also - SPOILER ALERT - as I get older, I need to eat well to feel well.  I didn't order Sakara meals to lose weight, but that was one added health benefit!  My fourth week of Sakara meals just arrived (and I am actually eating the lunch now NOMNOMNOM) so it is a great time to share the selections I loved, and the meals I wouldn't do again. YMMV.  Here is my Sakara life review!  By reading beyond this point, you are agreeing to my updated privacy policy, found here, and my use of commissioned affiliate links.  Buying through those links allows me to keep this blog afloat, so thank you!

I loved this salad, and it was perfect for on the go!

One of my favorite parts of Sakara is that the meal plan changes weekly, so I never get bored.  Sakara introduced swaps recently too, so you aren't stuck with something you don't like.  All meals are plant-based meals with organic ingredients.  I actually can't really eat much dairy anymore (without paying the piper - sorry hubs!), so it is nice to have an option without that temptation too.   

Options for Sakara meal delivery services and nutrition programs:

Signature Nutrition Program-

I opted for the Signature Nutrition Program. DISCLAIMER Sakara generously sent me one week free, but I promise you I didn't talk about it until week two when I purchased it for myself!  The first week they sent me breakfast, lunch, and dinner for three days of meals.  You have the ability to choose the number of days that you want healthy meals delivered in the signature plan.  The options are 2, 3, or 5 days.  You can choose breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. I really appreciated flexibility of the number of meals without grocery shopping for ALL of the ingredients.  After they sent me the first week (including dinner), I chose to go with the breakfast, lunch only option.  They also offer a subscription model, so if you choose to have your plant-based meal delivery service regularly for a bit, they will give you a discount.  It is nice that the price point decreases!  I also have a discount code for you!  USE XOSTAINEDWITHSTYLE at checkout! The Signature Program also comes with a Sakara detox tea, which is delicious, and daily probiotics to help you maintain a healthy gut microbiome.

All of the packages come with an information booklet and the probiotic.  Some come with even more goodies like detox tea!

Signature Meal Program Breakfast Items:

I took pictures of EVERYTHING that I have been eating, 

This was a dairy free yogurt thing with jam and granola

Might be the prettiest (and definitely healthiest) donut ever.

Nut butter, jam and chia pudding

A cacao bread with date caramel.  So good!

It all looks a little suspect LOL, but it was yummy.

While I generally loved the breakfast, I found a few of them to be too sweet for me, but nothing that was beyond the pale.


At first glance, the lunches were daunting.  I am probably the least healthy healthy eater on the planet.  I love leafy greens, but there were some ingredients, like beets, that I dislike.  I decided to give the plant-rich diet a true trial, so I didn't eliminate anything from the salad bowls.  Not only was it almost always more food than I can eat, but it was so delicious. EVEN THE BEETS, Y'ALL! I felt like I was eating a fancy take-out meal without purchasing all of it separately at the grocery store!  The only negative is that all meals come in a plastic container.  

Here are some of my lunches...

The lemon dressing was absurdly good.

I really love an Asian style salad.  

This one was probably my least favorite, too much cabbage for me.

This salad was super interesting.  Like a Ni├žoise without the fish!

This looked v suspect but was an excellent veggie burger I heated in the oven.


Dinner was honestly my least favorite meal from Sakara, which is why I chose to not include it going forward.  Plus, I have to make dinner for the whole family, so it felt silly to eat something different.  Dinner isn't the meal that I struggle with with eating healthful; we do a good job eating whole foods and including lots of veggies... when we aren't at a taco truck. :\ 

Here is one of my dinners.  While filling, and healthy food, I didn't really like them very much.  These rolls went along with a soup.  Ya'll I didn't even take pics.  Yuck.

These were rolls that went with a soup and was the best thing I ate for dinner.

There are a few other meal plan options with Sakara.  

The Gut Health Reboot.  

This one is either 1, 4 or 8 weeks.  This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and a green smoothie.  This plan also includes supplements, protein bars, the beauty water drops, and a guide book for your gut health reset.

The Metabolism Reset:

This one is designed to help you get rid of that brain fog, and increase energy levels without calorie counting.  Like the Gut Health Reboot it is either 1,4, or 8 weeks long.  It includes the metabolism super powder (that people love though I haven't tried it), a frother for mixing it all up, lunch, dinner, protein bars, beauty water drops, and supplements.  As this one doesn't include a breakfast, I think this one is meant to be the weight loss option, but I saw great results with my meal plan.

The Fresh Start Cleanse

Along with the other two, this one is a 1, 4, or 8 week program.  This one includes a breakfast, lunch, and the green smoothie for dinner.  I don't think I would survive that LOL.  I like food. They also include a guide which has recipes, a daily schedule, and "expert guidance" so that you can make the lifestyle change needed for good overall health for a long time.  It also includes protein bars, the detox water drops, a supplement pack for the day and one for before bed.  

The Performance System

This program seems to be for athletes to get into top physical and mental form. Also 1, 4, or 8 weeks, it comes with breakfast, lunch and dinner.  As with all of the other options, it comes with a guide.  It also comes with protein bars, a supplement packet for the day and evening, protein and greens super powder, and the daily beauty hydrating drops.

There are also two limited edition options:

Level II Detox:

It appears that it is only offered twice monthly under the supervision of a functional medicine doctor.  They put you into a state of ketosis and eliminate all inflammatory foods.  While you will get something at every meal time, there is a lot less food, and lots of smoothies/soups.

The Bridal Program

Lasting for four weeks, this option includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It also includes a month membership to an online workout/coaching program by Erika Bloom, beauty protein bars, special fortuna skincare, supplement packet, beauty tea, and beauty water drops.  I am sure that after all of that you would be absolutely glowing!

Cons for ordering Sakara Life:

The cost.  Let's face it. The meal plans aren't cheap.  Fortunately there are ways to make the price more reasonable.  One is choosing the subscription option (that you can pause any time).  You can also earn loyalty discounts by ordering regularly and referring friends!

Packaging is another con for me.  I truly hate the plastic, and I hope that they are working on another option that is more viable for the planet.  

I am now a super fan of Sakara after ordering it (and paying for it myself) for over a month.  My skin looks great, my body loves eating the rainbow, and I have actually lost weight!  I wasn't actually setting out to do that, just improving my eating habits.  If you are looking for a discount code to try Sakara, I have one for you!!

Discount code to try Sakara Life!  This will automatically apply at checkout, but you can also use the code STAINEDWITHSTYLESAKARA.

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