All About Me!

about me, all about me, information, stained with style

I am a former Naval Aviation wife and a current stay at home mom with three precious kidlets. 

 My Master's degree in Early Childhood Special Education is well used these days with my son,  as I peruse the world of baby/kid technology for great deals.  Peruse or geek's your call.  

about me, all about me, stained with style

We are passionate about organic living and love to travel, even with the three kidlets in tow!  Some of my favorite memories are eating our way through our world trip with my sweetheart.  My favorite thing to do solo lately is shop at our new Whole Foods.  It is mommy Disneyland.  

It's always a challenge to be fashionable and accessible to our kids.  My days are anything but boring. Join me in my attempt to be Stained...with Style!

My daughter, Clara, is the oldest.  She's smart, sassy, and I just love her to pieces. We often refer to her as the Honeybadger, because she just doesn't give a shit...

stained with style, about me, information

Our son Ryan is four years old, and is such a precious child.  We count our blessings every day...

about me, autism, stained with style

Our baby, Belle, who is not quite a baby anymore (though I keep trying to keep her small) is too much fun.  I just love toddler antics...

Stained with style, about me, details

That sweet pup in the picture is Lolli (like a Lollipop).  She is Ry's service dog in training, and it is quite an adventure for us!  It often involves wine for Mommy...

I am so happy to have you following along on our journey!