How to Maximize Your Time at Disneyland using DAS and Genie+

You've done it all for your Disney trip: travel, lodging, meal plan, picked up your Disability Access Service (DAS) pass, and planned to get your Genie+.  Now what?  How do you USE all this stuff? How can you make the best experience possible whether it is to go on as many rides as possible or to go on the RIGHT rides at the RIGHT time, all without waiting in long lines, Right?  I am here for you!  Thank the big thinkers at Disney because the process is essentially the same at both Disney World and Disneyland!  The updates to the Fastpass system at Disneyland post COVID-19 should make the DAS pass even easier to use!  I'm here to answer the questions, about how to use the DAS system on the app, and how to use the genie+ fastpass system with the DAS pass!
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Balloons at Disney World
This picture is from Disneyland in March 2020, isn't it so fun?

How to maximize your Disability Access System (DAS) pass, and Genie+ at Disneyland?

How DAS Works Inside the Parks.

First you have to sign up on Main Street or Buena Vista Street for the Disability Access Service (DAS) pass.  A cast member will ask you questions about why the person has trouble waiting in lines.  They will determine your eligibility, and issue the pass. No need for a doctors note, or to disclose private information.  You can also make a reservation to do it before entering the park via the website.  

How the Disability Access Pass works: 

The DAS pass puts you in a virtual queue based on the current wait for a ride. This allows you to wait outside the line in a more comfortable area for your family, but it does not let you skip ahead. You have to be in the park with your ticket activated to sign into the virtual queue (via the app or a plaid vested cast member).  Visit a cast member at a blue umbrella (guest services team member kiosks located conveniently throughout the parks) or use the app to sign up for the ride you want to enjoy. 

Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World
The rides at Galaxy's Edge Disneyland are worth the wait!

The cast members will scan your ticket and issue a return time based on the current standby wait time for the normal line. They can scan only the ticket for the primary user linked to the DAS pass, so you do not need the whole gaggle to roll up to the umbrella. Then get a snack, wait in a manageable line for another ride, or do something else until your return time. Or you can do it via the app entirely!  On the app, go to the three bars on the right side, and scroll down until you find the DAS option.  From there you can select the ride that you want.  

Using the app instead of waiting in line for a return time.

This is the EASIEST way to use your DAS pass, and by far the most convenient.  The only time I go to a cast member is when we are park hopping (the app will not allow you to make a ride reservation in another park), or if there is a malfunction.  Simply open the app, look on the far right bottom corner for the three lines.  Click that.  Scroll down to the box on the bottom that says DAS.  Click it.  Then choose your ride!  If the box doesn't appear (it only works once in the park), simply refresh the app.  It is that easy.

Then, when your return time arrives, go to the Lightening land line and scan your tickets. Everyone with DAS always enters via the Lightening lane line, and the cast member will scan all of the passes in your party starting with the person who needs the DAS pass. That last bit is important and will save you some scanning shenanigans. Also, the person with the DAS pass must be a rider in order to be admitted to the line. After everyone is scanned, you wait with all of the other patrons in the lightening lane line.  

Here is a pro tip, I typically ask for ride wait times (some can be very long, like the Rise of the Resistance) and choose from there. If the lines aren’t long (like during fireworks), we don’t use the DAS. I only do it when the wait times are unmanageable for our son.

The simple trick to maximizing the use of the DAS pass and the Genie+ Fast Pass is planning (and some flexibility).

Video to show you how to use the app!

My son does not do well with long waits in crowds. Of course, no one does, but we could not go to Disney without DAS. Let me walk you through a day at Disneyland California (and California Adventure) for our family using DAS and Genie+ . 

We enter the park, and go straight to the bigger rides that usually have a long wait. 
 By the time we finished Hyperspace Mountain (Space Mountain), we checked the app to see what the lines looked like.  We decided to do a return time for the next long wait ride (because the lines won't be very long yet).

That ride was the Millennium Falcon in Galaxy's Edge.  (It is so good.)
Now that we have our spot in the virtual que for Millennium Falcon, we check in to our first Genie+ ride of the day, Thunder Mountain. The littlest and I love to ride that one,  While in line, we open the app, and sign into the Genie+ app to choose our next ride (splash mountain) When we are done, we all head over to Galaxy's Edge for our DAS return time.

After we have our tickets scanned upon entry to the Millennium Falcon, we open the app for the next DAS return time.  This time it is the Rise of the Resistance.  This one has a really long wait, and is not available for Genie+ (along with Web Slingers in California Adventure).  So here we have a dilemma, do we wait (and find something else to do), or do we pick something else.  We decide to stay, and poke around in some shops, watch the Storm Troopers, and eat a quick lunch.  Then we ride.

After checking into Splash, we can check Genie+ availability and sign up for Haunted Mansion. These are all very close to one another!  

It is time to head back for Rise of the Resistance (a MUST DO), and upon checking in we sign up for a return time at another family favorite, the Jungle Cruise.

Then we use our Genie+ FastPass for Haunted Mansion.  While we are waiting in line for Haunted Mansion, we check to see what other Genie+ are available.  There really aren't any good ones, so we decide to wait and see if something opens up.

We grab a snack on the way to Jungle Cruise, and check out the shops.

 After checking our tickets into Jungle Cruise, we head to the app to choose our next ride.  There aren't any good ones left in Disneyland, so we decide to go to California Adventure.  Because it is park hopping, I am not able to do it on the app, so we head to an umbrella with a plaid wearing cast member.  The closest one is on Main street, which is conveniently on our way out of the park.  

The kids decide that they want to do Guardians of the Galaxy for the Genie+, which we do on the app, and have a cast member sign us up for the Incredicoaster for the DAS pass.

While we wait for our return time we go slowly over to California Adventure, and we are ready for our first ride!  This time it is Incredicoaster, which is towards the back end of the park.  We ride, and decide we are not going to ride any more rides after guardians.

Next up...our dinner reservation!  We really like most of the restaurants at California Adventure and even in the Grand Californian hotel, which is conveniently attached to the park.

After dinner, ride Guardians, and head back over to Disneyland where we watch the fireworks (which is an excellent time for riding because the lines are empty). Then, we head back to bed. It is a busy day, and lots of walking.  We don't mind, because we get to ride almost everything on our list.  

Is the DAS plus buying Disney Genie+ worth it?

  Are you planning on heading to Disneyland any time soon using the DAS?  Can I help you?  I will say that getting the Genie+ may not be worth it for your family.  The DAS may be enough, and you should know after the first ride or two.  If the park is crowded, or you have limited time, I think it is worth the price!

Disney World Epcot Center

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