The Best Organic Snack Food New to Market for 2023

Last week I went to Anaheim California for the annual Natural Products Expo West. Expo West is an opportunity for buyers from big box distributors, online retailers, your local grocery store, and small vendors to sample new items in the natural and organic market! As media, I am able to try ALL the things and report my favorite finds back to you! This year, I was looking specifically for healthy snacks. Snack foods can be so tricky with kiddos, especially when you are looking for natural ingredients, organic ingredients, and food that simply tastes GOOD! I am so excited to share some of these new products with you! By reading beyond this point, you are agreeing with my updated privacy policy, found here, and my use of commissioned links.

Ready to try all of the new products at Expo!

Convenience foods or frozen foods to make quickly at home.

Mason dixie breakfast biscuits-

Golly Miss Molly, these breakfast biscuits are so so good! I tried the regular biscuit and the breakfast sandwich. I was super impressed by both. As someone who grew up in the South, I am very picky about biscuits. They were so delicious.

Soup Dumplings-

Hold onto your hats!!! This is my favorite thing from Expo, and I will be ordering these ASAP. It isn't available in stores (YET) because they are so new. They will be eventually, so you won't want to miss this great snack. Heck you can even make a meal out of several of them.

Seemore sausage

Perfect for a hearty snack or a meal, these sausages aren't your grandma's sausage. This woman-owned sausage company uses real food in the sausages that are as unique as they are flavorful. Some of our faves are the Bubbe's chicken soup, and chicken parm sausages.

Momofuku noodles

These noodles have quickly become a staple in our house. Think ramen, but better. They have almost double the grams of protein and are never fried like the original version. There are a few different flavors, but our family fave is the soy/scallion version. These are a must try!

Snacks for school lunches

Chick Ease snackable hummus

I loved these because they are a different type of hummus snack...they have tortilla chips! Also appealing is that they don't have to be refrigerated. Sales of tortilla chips must be going through the roof because these are fab!

CHKP plant based yogurt

If you are looking for a milk alternative, look no further. I admit to being skeptical, but this yogurt was really good. They use organic sugar, not corn syrup, and have a good source of protein! It is also super new, so only rolling out in the Northeast for now.

Safe Catch

Mercury is a concern with tuna and a lot of fish. Fish is really good for us, but if you or a family member is a child (or in child bearing years) limiting heavy metals is critical. Here is where Safe Catch is an easy choice. They have certified ingredients, and they are only using wild caught fish. That is important when fish are farmed and fed all kinds of things that are harmful to humans. Having safer options in the supply chain is awesome!

Gimme seaweed grab and go snacks.

We love finding the perfect snack. These "slim packs" have me very excited for less packaging, and easier packing size make these one of the best organic snacks in my pantry.  


Dates were all over expo this year, but my favorite products came from Joolies.  They unveiled a line of date toppers, which are the size of chocolate chips.  They are slightly drier than a whole date, so easier to add to salads, oatmeal, or any other baking project.  They also have added to their line...Jooliettes.  These are chocolate covered diced dates and OMG they are yummy.  The best part is that Joolies come from organic crops in the US.  I love supporting organic farms that are close to home, and it doesn't hurt that they are healthy snacking treats.

Rice Cake Mini

From Lundberg family farms (who test their rice products for heavy metals), they have brought us more tasty organic snacks!  We loved the white cheddar minis.  These definitely are NOT the rice cakes I remember from my childhood.  They are gluten free, and contain no GMO ingredients, and no artificial colors.   Love that about organic products.

Crunchy edamame beans

From the Only Bean, these aren't like traditional snacks, these are better.  At expo we saw a lot more products from the global organic snack food market, and I really enjoyed seeing different influences on new customers like me!  These are vegan, gluten free, and just really perfectly sized for packing.

Birthday Cake, chocolate drizzled granola bar

I think this should be in my dessert category (LOL), but Made Good did it again!  What I love about Made Good is that they are very allergen safe.  They are my go-to brand for school events because I don't have to worry about the best way of making sure they pass the school rules.  My kids also go NUTS for these.  They look like a healthy bar-shaped food, but these are truly a dessert snack!


Chocolate Brownie

By Flax 4 Life, these gluten free, dairy free brownies were delicious. Like I'm hiding them from my kids, delicious.  If you can eat gluten and dairy, they have a new lower sugar option that is also really good.  I almost passed this booth, and I am so glad I didn't!

Chocolate Bar

Don't scroll by this one.  Tony's has a collaboration with Ben and Jerry's.  I tried them all and WOW!  If you are looking for chocolate, don't go any further.  I love this brand and am always excited to see them at Expo.  If I am recalling correctly (and I am) I have liked everything I have ever tried from them.  Don't miss this collaboration!

Birthday Do Bite

From Leah's better bites, these classroom friendly snacks are chocolate covered cookie dough.  I had to wrestle them away from the kiddos as soon as I brought them home, which is always a good sign with new products.  

Sheet Face Masks by ESW Beauty

My kids are always begging for those cute sheet face masks, but most of them are full of chemicals that I don't want on their skin.  I found some at Expo that fit my criteria, and the kids were excited!  These masks are for various age groups and skin types, and a great way to try masks like the ones from South Korea, but without the yuck that most of them have in them when manufactured for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  It is such a bummer that we don't have the same standards as eastern Europe and western Europe.  Click here to buy them!

Full disclosure, these are not meant to replace a normal healthy meal.  These are snacks, and fun treats to add to your kiddos lunch boxes (or yours) and convenience foods.  I can absolutely assure you that they are delicious.  Most of these are available on Amazon, Sprout Organics, Thrive Market, and your local grocery store.  Target and Walmart also have a huge organic product lineup, what are some of your favorites?

Now for the fun stuff, head over to my IG page for a fun giveaway featuring my favorite products!! Nothing tricky, I just want to share my faves with you! (Click this link to take you there!)

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