20 best non toxic natural deodorants (for no breakouts)

*this post has been edited to add one, and delete one that I could not, in good conscience, recommend anymore.*

I have spent the last few years trying, desperately to find a natural one that works.  I know, that you know, that I know, that so many of them just don't work.  Or they make you break out-right?  I can't honestly say that I have tried them ALL, but I would say I have probably tried 20 different brands in the last year.  Here is my list of the top 20 natural deodorants (and antiperspirants) -that didn't make me break out. This post contains affiliate links, and here is a link to my updated privacy policy.

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How I test natural deodorant...

First, let me explain my process.

Day One: Shower, and apply
Day Two: No shower and reapply to pass the gym test.

That's a no kidding gym test after no morning shower.  It has to work-right?  To help you understand the types of protection I am telling you about:  a deodorant is just odor protection- no wetness barrier.  An antiperspirant has a wetness protection aspect as well.

Top 4 Natural Deodorants that won't make you break out!

1. Type A...

My hubby loves this one.  It can be a little hard to find in stores, but it is on Amazon. I really like the smell, and he doesn't stink-even at the gym.  He says that almost every ingredient is something he cooks with!  HA!  If you add it to your subscribe and save, it is the best price around.

2. Smarty Pits

I am currently obsessing over this one.  It works. It has a little bit of wetness protection that my normal Arm and Hammer does not.  It claims to work because of a probiotic that fights odor causing bacteria. Whatever, it smells good and works.  Tons of fragrances, and you can get it on Amazon.

3. Schmidt's-  

This one is also more wetness protection than the first two.  It is key, though, when you are looking for an antiperspirant, that you choose one without baking soda.  Usually they will say something like sensitive skin formula.  That's what usually will make you break out! Schmidt's also has a ton of "flavors".

4.  Each & Every.

This one has now become my go to deodorant.  I wear it every day, but I have noticed that the formula that I had left staining on my white shirts.  I have since purchased the new formula, and will report back.  On the days I wear white (or light colors) I can't recommend this. For every other day I LOVE IT.  I love the smell and this is the best price right now.

5. Earth Mama Organics

 After the rebranding (they used to be known as Earth Mama Angel Baby), they have released some new products.  A standout for me is the deodorant.  This product is so super new (and awesome).

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6. Humble

This is the one that my tween uses and absolutely loves.


7.  Native

Everyone that I have talked to absolutely loves Native!

8.  Magsol

What is so super exciting is that this deodorant has only 4 ingredients and comes in a lot of scents!

Personally we love Acure in our home and use a variety of their products.  What I love about this one is that there are a ton of scents!

10.  Routine

While I really like the formula, and you only need a small amount, I do not like this type of application personally.  It works for lots of people but I prefer one in a tube/roll on.

11.  EO 

I love this brand.  LOVE love.  I use most of the things that they make.  While this one won't work for me on say a Disneyland day, it is perfect for a refresh.

12.  Hume

Hume is the new kid on the block but they are of great reviews and good scent choices.

This packaging is so adorable. While that doesn't matter that much LOL, the scents are unique too!

Brands that are transparent about ingredients are my favorite.  I really dislike when they try to hide behind green washed statements. I like what Pretty Frank has to say!

I love when brands have options that are totally plastic free.  This one only has three scents, but if you are looking for something for sensitive skin, that won't make you break out from baking soda, this is a fantastic option for you!

16.  Cleo Coco

A vegan option!  Also baking soda free with a LOT of five star reviews!

17.  Lavanila

Lavanila is a cult favorite. At first it didn't make my list because it didn't work for me.  However, after talking to a LOT of you, you said it is a fave.  It has two scents on Amazon.

This one is so exciting because it promises to be stain free!  That part is very challenging with the baking soda free natural products!

19. Kopari

Kopari has been around for a long time.  They make great products, have a lot of scents, and are a great option for non toxic deodorant.

20.  Dove

Ok guys this one is not my favorite.  I really don't like to support brands that knowingly put toxic crap in the products we buy.  That said, for those of you that are new, or are breaking free of the conventional anti perspirant...this may be a good stepping stone for you!

I am by no means done with my experimenting.  I will keep you posted as I find more, and please share if you have one I should try!

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  1. I love that you promote natural items especially deodorant!!! Ive changed mine as well and so far 4 natural deodorants later and still on the hunt! Ill have to give smarty pits or burts bees a try!!!

  2. Yes!!! Thank you so much for saying Hi!

  3. I am on the hunt again for a deodorant. Every single kind a try from mainstream to all natural to whatever makes my armpits immediately burn, turn red, itch, and then they get raw. IDK im about to give up and just use like a baby soap or mild soaps like face soap and just wash my armpits twice a day.

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