Bippidy Boppidy Boutique in Disneyland (Cost & Options)

When I was looking for information on the Bippidy Boppidy Boutique (also sometimes called the bippity boppity boutique) in Disneyland, I could not find any information online. I was so surprised! Before I made the reservation, I wanted my girls to be able to see what magical makeover they were getting, All of the packages include hairstyling, but I really wanted them to go into the experience with some idea of what would be happening. Nope. Nothing. I decided to go with a lower end package and hoped for the best. That's why I am writing this post, so that you will know what to expect from the Bippidy Boppidy Boutique. This post contains affiliate links, and here is a link to my updated privacy policy.

This post has been updated in 2022 after the BBB being closed for two years!

When I looked online to make an appointment at the Bippidy Boppidy Boutique at Disneyland, I couldn't find any information about the Disneyland Boutique, the prices, or the costume choices.
I want to start by saying that we absolutely loved the experience at the boutique. From beginning to end my girls (and the rest of us observing) had a blast! I was surprised that my 8 year old loved it as much as she did, but she just asked to go again. The information online wasn't great, so I wanted to let you know what to expect, so that you are prepped for your booking!

When you book your appointment at Bippidy Boppidy Boutique, you need to have your valid Disneyland park ticket and your reservation.  

The whole thing took almost two hours from start to finish. Was it worth it in the end? Y E S! My girls, my aunts, and I had a truly wonderful experience. When you make the appointment, just be aware that you will need a big block of time, and some patience. In return you get the cutest little disney diva, and they fairy godmother-in-training that will do the makeover are so super cute.

After the long wait, you have to be ready to choose the specific package that you want for each child. The website wasn't able to clearly explain the different packages, and why the prices were so wildly different. But don't worry, I went into the park, and asked a cast member to get all of that information for you! That's why I wrote this post, so that you will know what you are buying, before you go!

What does the Bippidy Boppidy Boutique cost? 

The short answer is anywhere from 100-45.00.

I chose the Courtyard package at $149.95 for each girl.

This was the cheapest package offering more than hair and makeup, (that's called the Carriage package (which also includes a face gem, and I will go into that later). The Disney Princess Store for the BBB is under Cinderella's Castle. Too cool for a makeover location!

The courtyard package gave them a cute tee shirt, a tutu, a cinch bag, a princess sash, makeup, nail polish, and a hairstyle (see the picture below for all the details). It worked out perfectly. The tutus were taken off to ride some of the rides, but were so cute when they wanted to look fancy.  The princess gowns in the more expensive packages can be itchy, hot, or just not super practical for a day of walking and riding rides.  The girls are still wearing them at home, and they often wear them to school too!

This is the outfit for the Courtyard Package
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The lighting was bad in there, the outfit is so cute,. You and see the cinch bag, the sash, the shirt, and the tutu skirt.

The next level of package is the Castle Package. This one costs 199.95.

It includes most of what we got in the courtyard package, but instead of the tutu/tee shirt, you get a princess dress, crown, wand and special photos in a cute little photo studio.

These are the princess dresses currently included (minus the seasonal red and white one that is only available at Christmastime, and is the third from the right in the picture). When I felt them, they seem to be similar in quality to what you would get from the store.

disney princess dresses at the bibbidy bobbidy boutique

The Deluxe Castle Package is the next level which costs 229.95 plus tax.

For another upcharge, you are able to upgrade your princess dress to a Deluxe Princess Dress, or a signature dress. The quality is similar to the lesser priced costumes, but have a bit more pizazz. Mostly that means glitter.

Here are the upcharged princess dresses that you can add to the Castle Package. 

As you can see, a lot of them are fancier, and of a better quality than the ones that come with the castle package. Those costumes are softer, and more elaborate that the lesser prices options. I generally don't like to buy costumes with a lot of glitter.

The next level is the Princess Signature Dress Collection Package, and this is WOW!

princess signature dress collection dresses

The only difference in this package is the heirloom-quality fabrics of the princess dresses. They are truly spectacular. The workmanship, theses dresses are just so fun. The lighting was horrible, and each one was on its own pedestal, so I didn't take pictures of all of them. You get the idea. I would have worn any of these myself for Halloween, if they had that option for adults. This princess makeover, and this very special Disney princess gown costs 450.00.

details of the princess dress
An up close view of the workmanship on the dress

The Carriage Package, the cheapest option

I decided not to go for the Crown Package ($99.95), because my girls were very excited about wearing something fun. If you have a little princess dress in mind, or to give to your princess, this will be the best option for you. There is always etsy too, they have some just gorgeous dresses that will end up around the same price as you will spend at the boutique. I'm sure the quality will be much improved too! You do get a bibbidi bobbidi boutique t-shirt, and a cinch sack. The hairstyle includes a crystal tiara!

Just as an FYI, you can always do the crown package (just hair and makeup), and bring in your own dress! I really was very happy with the tutu/t shirt combo. They can wear them every day! I would also assume that they may not have every princess dress listed here, or that they may add more for your visit. If you want the dresses, you might want to ask what is available when you make your appointment.  You can make your reservation throught that web link or through the disney genie / disneyland app.

Here is a link with an example of a pretty fancy princess dress that you can buy on Amazon and bring with you if you are buying the Crown Package...MUCH cheaper!

If you wanted to bring one into the park that is more practical for playing all day, I also found this on Amazon. There are lots of choices...

The Disney Frozen Crown Package

This is just like the Crown package, but with a Elsa hairstyle. This one will not come with an Anna or Elsa costume. Both come with a 12 inch Olaf plush toy. The choice of hairstyle has special snowflake hair accessories without an additional cost.

The Disney Frozen Package

It includes the same fairytale princess hairstyle as the Frozen Crown Package, but it also includes and Elsa dress, or an Anna costume.

The Knight Package and the Deluxe Knight Package

This is the sword and shield combo

Your little boy, or little girl, can dress like a knight too! For 19.95, the royal treatment includes a hair style, a mighty sword and a shield. The 79.95 for the deluxe knight package includes a knight costume too.

Here are my sweet girls all dolled up as Disney Divas! They offer a similar package at the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, in Florida too! You can make your reservations online with a credit card 60 days before your Disneyland resort reservations. 
I hope this helps you make a decision. The selections were pretty confusing, and the last thing you want to do is deal with a mini princess meltdown during your magical time.  It was so much fun, we would do it again.  

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