Visiting Disneyland with a Special Needs Child!

I'm sure you know, if you have been following me for awhile, that we go and visit our family in California every summer. That gives me the amazing ability to share with our my tips about visiting Disneyland with a special needs child!  Among the highlight of every Los Angeles vacation are trips to both Disney's California Adventure and Disneyland theme parks.  The Disneyland California Parks are beyond amazing, and the kids still ask (almost daily) if we are heading back soon.  If you are planning on taking that trip with a child who has special needs, I have some tips!  By reading beyond this point, you are agreeing to my updated privacy policy, found here, and my use of commissioned referral links. *this post has been updated

Galaxy's Edge with a child on the autism spectrum
Disneyland with a Special Needs child is possible and FUN!

How to Stay at Disney's Deluxe Resorts and Luxury Hotels for a Fraction of the Cost & with a Larger Family

We have been going to Disney parks for years.  My whole life actually.  We love the magic, the fun, and how much fun we all have.  That is expensive.  Crazy expensive.  At Disneyland, it is possible to stay off property, and be within walking distance to the parks.  That isn’t the case at Disney World.  In this post, I am going to share how you too can get a suite, at a luxury resort, for less than one night in a comparable room.

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Enjoying a Dole Whip at Disney
My favorite Disney treat!

Disney Clothing Collaborations That You MUST SEE before Your Next Disney Vacation

My kids get all kinds of excited about Disney gear, but I really like to buy stuff that is a little bit unique.  When we go to the parks, I generally try to buy things that you can ONLY buy at the park.  Disney has done a really fun job the last couple of years with collaborating, and the result has been wallet draining.  In a good way! Read on for more clothing collaborations that you need to see!

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Look how little she was!

Menstrual Cups: Pros and Cons from a Long Time User (with an Unboxing)

I have been using menstrual cups for almost three years.  I became curious about them when I was searching for an alternative to tampons.  During this process, I tried many different varieties on the market, starting with the Diva Cup, and now, Saalt.  The good news is that there are many more options on the market now, and the information on how to use reusable menstrual cups is widely available.  The bad news is, that while its been life changing for me, it may not be right for you.  It’s time for some straight talk about period options!

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Cup Vs. a Tampon

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Spoiler-Free Review (IT IS FANTASTIC)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
Scrolling text...
Stars and pan to a planet...
All for the last time.

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker is an excellent capstone to the 42-year-old franchise. Grown men wept openly, myself included, as the Skywalker saga drew to a close after a nine film run starting in 1977. The move hits the sweet spot with its intended audience, older children. My 10-year-old daughter loved it as much as I did even though I have failed to weave Star Wars into our regular watching regimen.  Prepare yourself for Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker spoiler free review!

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What's In My Makeup Bag: Natural and Non-Toxic Makeup

It has taken me YEARS to find more natural and non-toxic makeup products that actually work.      I'm finding new options all the time, and I like to share what I am using!  Why have I made the switch?  It all started when I was pregnant with my first child.  My OB gave me an entire list of ingredients that shouldn't be in the products I was using.  That got me thinking, "Why was it safe when I'm not pregnant?"  After a little bit of research, I went home and threw away hundreds of dollars of expensive makeup.  I'm talking Bobbi Brown and MAC.  It was painful, but I haven't looked back.

What's in My Makeup Bag: Natural and Non-Toxic Makeup rated by the EWG and Think Dirty, non toxic makeup clean beauty makeup bag whats in my makeup bag ewg think dirty skin care environmental working group natural beauty skin type mineral foundations cosmetic and personal care cosmetic case beauty product pressed powders makeup products ilia beauty zinc oxide sun protection coal tar products health impact processed food dirty is an app personal care products natural ingredients
It's been a lot of trial and error to find what works for me

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When to go: Pediatric Urgent Care Vs. the Emergency Room

When your child is sick after hours, and your regular pediatrician isn’t available, what do you do?  Do you take them to the Emergency Room, or to urgent care?  The answer for me is PM Pediatrics Urgent care, and we have used them three times this last month!  This post has affiliate, commissioned links, and by reading beyond this point you are agreeing to their use, and our updated privacy policy found here.

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Frozen 2:my kids review, and free coloring pages

The question on every parent's mind: will Frozen 2 stand up to the original? Absolutely, YES! Frozen 2 takes risks that payoff in laughs, tears, and breathless excitement throughout. While  the first Frozen explored how to find strength in your differences and the power of love, Frozen 2 tries to come to grips with the inevitability of change and doing "the next right thing" when you are lost in the world.  What Frozen 2 lacks in earworm songs (spoiler alert: no Let it Go reprise), it makes up for in laughs for all ages. Frozen 2 is a gem of a movie and stands alone from its incredible predecessor.

My family was invited to see an early screening of Frozen 2 this week, and I was pretty excited.  The first Frozen was so unique, and was the top grossing animated film of all time!  I just love it.  This version has some good laugh-out-loud moments, catchy songs, and interesting twists.  Everything that you want from a Disney movie. The kids had a great time, and came home singing the songs. What more can parents want from a childhood movie experience?  By reading beyond this point, you are agreeing to my updated privacy policy (found here), and my use of commissioned based links.

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He gave it two thumbs up!

I tried the best probiotic on the market for two months. My thoughts.

A year ago, I began my journey with getting a prophylactic double mastectomy.  While I don’t have cancer, my family history isn’t great.  I wanted to decrease my risk of getting breast cancer significantly.  After two surgeries in a few months, and a ton of antibiotics, I knew that I needed to find the best probiotic to help my gut health, and immune system. 

Then I started to research, and you know what I discovered?  The word probiotic is everywhere, and none of it made any sense. (Don’t worry, I have a coupon code for you at the end!)   By reading beyond this point, you are agreeing to the use of commissioned based links (which is how I am able to bring you free content), and my updated privacy policy found here.

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Seed sends refill packs, to refill the glass jar every month.

Unboxing of the New Britax Harness 2 Booster...the Grow with You Clicktight, and I am here for it.

Ok, it has been a bit since I have written anything here.  I have been traveling for work, but not the kind of work stuff you want to know about.  I mean, unless you want to know more about Pinterest, or SEO strategies?  It has been fun, but what was really fun was coming home to a gift from Britax for me to unbox.  The Grow with You Clicktight is the newest entry on the market for five point harness to boosters from Britax, and they have really cornered the market.  This will be the last carseat you will ever need for your child.  Read after the jump for more info, and the unboxing video.

I was sent a Britax Grow With You Clicktight for the purposes of review, but all opinions are my own.  By continuing to read beyond this point you are agreeing to my updated privacy policy, found here, and my use of commissioned based links.  At no cost to you, the affiliate links allow me to continue to offer content for free!

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She really loves her new Grow with You Clicktight!

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