Is Buying a Peloton Worth it? My One Month Review

 When my kids were sent home from school in March (for what would be the rest of 2020), my self care routine just disappeared. I went from taking 5 days a week of Pilates Reformer classes, and loving it, to being absolutely sedentary.  After month two, I bought a Peloton.  If you know me, you know I am not a gym person, but I needed something to keep me fit. We have had our Peloton for one month, and I am spilling all the tea about if its worth buying or not. This is my peloton bike review, and using the peloton app.

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You can read about the Covid delivery experience and the accessories that were recommended by my SWS squad, here.

The Pros for the Peloton bike:

The Peloton bike itself is great, the instructions were fairly easy to follow.  

They have tutorials on the app which walk you through setting things up.  That said, it does NOT go into proper positioning.  Within a week or so, I was experiencing knee pain.  

A friend of mine is a serious cyclist, and came over to talk about position.  It is critically important to get your position correct.  Not only the seat height, but handlebars, and seat distance from the handlebars.  You can read more about that here

The Peloton app is great.

There are a lot of instructors, and a style for everyone.  My favorite is Cody Rigsby.  He motivates me with just the right amount of sass, and Britney.  It works.  Not only are there cycling classes but I love the peloton app in general.  They have a five minute brain break for kids, yoga, meditation, strength training, and a whole host of things that aren't related to needing a treadmill or a bike.  I recommend trying the free trial.  There are about a zillion streaming options, and always a ton of live ones.

I talk more about free or cheap workouts here.

The Peloton community is very fun, and supportive.

I'm not going to call it a cult-HA!  People who love Peloton LOVE Peloton.  As soon as I asked a question on my local mom's facebook page, I was dialed in.  Everyone was so nice, and so helpful.  You can definately find your crew, and workout motivation.  You can take the streaming classes at the same time as your friends, and battle it out for the numbers. If you are like me, you just high five everyone for showing up while the kids whine in the background, and ask me to open snacks.

Cons for the Peloton Bike:

The wait for my Peloton was ridiculous.  It took 6 weeks because everybody and their brother had the same idea.

You can read about the Covid delivery experience and the accessories that were recommended by my SWS squad, here.

The price of the Peloton is high.

Because I recommend getting the package with the shoes, and the mat, you are talking about $2,500.  Read my post above.  I went the cheapest route and had a hard time fitting the shoes, and some of the other accessories. It took me hours to figure it all out.  I also had to return shoes, and cycling shoes are a whole THING.

The monitor doesn't move.

That doesn't seem like a big deal, but when I want to do a floor stretch after the bike, I have to pull out my phone.  Otherwise, I can't see the instructor.  There are several that the tablet is detachable, or that swivel.  The bike plus does have a movable monitor, but I bought mine right before those came out.

It isn't compatible with my Apple Watch.

There are work arounds with an app called BlueHeart, but it is NOT reliable.  I had to go buy a separate heart rate monitor.  Even then it isn't syncing with my Apple Watch workouts.  It is kind of annoying trying to push all of the buttons before starting a workout.


Would I buy it again?  Probably not.  I think I would buy one that is less expensive, delivers faster, and is compatible with the Peloton app.  I do love the instructors, but I am not sold on the technology.  We will not be selling it, I use it every day.  That said, I strive for transparency with you here, and I think there are options that will work, and get to you sooner.

All spin bike prices are high right now.  According to consumer reports, this Schwinn was the number one rated bike, and it is compatible with the Peloton app.  This one by Sunny is the cheapest one that rated well, and both of those are available within two days on Amazon. You can read more from consumer reports here.

You can also watch my facebook live!

Peloton Review

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