Buying a Peloton, What Accessories You Need, & the Delivery Process!

We bought a Peloton.  I am so excited, but there is so much I don't know.  I am going to share the package we bought, what everyone says we need, and the delivery process.  I'm even sharing what I wish I had known when I bought the bike!  Thank you to all of you who chimed in about what accessories you love, and contributing.  This post contains commissioned links, and by reading beyond this point you are agreeing to my updated privacy policy, found here.

The fam on the 4th!

We bought the bike, and the mat directly from Peloton.  

They have a lot of package configurations, but I thought I would be able to easily find cycling shoes for less.  I was wrong.  Cycling shoes are hard to fit, there is so much of a difference between manufacturers.  I ordered some (and sized up), and they were too small.  I have spent hours on finding shoes for the two of us.  More on the shoes below...


If your budget will allow, I would just buy the Peloton shoes.  

If you buy your own, I recommend the Shimano brand.  I asked a question in my Peloton Facebook group, and that was the overwhelming consensus.  These are the ones that I got.

The Peloton bike Delivery took a long time.

From purchase to in my door took about two months.  These are some crazy times, I know, and everyone is working out inside the house.  I have heard that you can call local stores to see if they have had any returns, and those can come sooner.  I tried that, and obviously it didn't work.

What did the delivery look like during Covid?

Normally, the delivery people will bring the bike in, assemble it, and answer questions.  It did not happen like that for me at all.  The information told me to expect that the bike would be assembled outside (it was).  In fact, they assembled most of it in the truck.  

  1. Two men brought the bike to my door and said that they could leave it there or put it just inside the door.  As I was placing it in the room (dining room) right next to the front door, they didn't mind bringing it in for me.
  2. They plugged everything in to make sure it worked.
  3. They left.

I had to figure everything out from the tutorials from Peloton, which are good.

They have a LOT of step by step instructions on how to make the bike fit, how to clip in/out, and everything else under the sun.  There are some things that I missed with my delivery (that some of you reported that your delivery people did for you).  For example, I haven't quite figured out how to angle the seat properly for comfort (and if you follow my on instagram, you know my vagina has been killing me).

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Buy a seat cushion, don't even be a martyr.

Back to my vag.  It still hurts like a MOFO.  Sorry mom, but for realz. I really cannot understand why the seats can't be like a big ass beach-cruiser seat.  Something wide, and comfortable for female hips. We aren't doing acrobatics on these things people, and I am for SURE not taking my peloton out for a road race.  (It's not even possible, there aren't two wheels.)  I would just love a comfortable seat option.  Getting in shape is painful enough at times, I don't need my taint to remind me every time I sit down.  This is the one I have.  I went from wanting to cry, to it being tolerable.  So?  Improvement.

Here are some other things I needed.

  1. Everyone super loved these bike shorts.  They are cheap, and they work fine.  Honestly, I feel like cottage cheese is squeezing out of the pants bottom, and suddenly remember why I hate shorts.  I find that my regular, compressive workout pants work well.  
  2. A fan.  I am not a big sweater.  As in, I may glisten, and on a super hot/humid summer day I will have drips down my back, but I'm not gonna need a towel.  YOU WILL NEED A TOWEL.  And a fan.  I got this one, and it works well.
  3. I didn't buy the chest strap monitor that they sell.  I have an apple watch, and it tracks my workouts.  It hasn't been seamless to figure out how to make it sync with my Peloton.  We were able to buy a cheap(ish) one on Amazon for the hubs and it worked out well.  Everyone tell me that I will not want to share the heart-rate monitor, because they get so sweaty.  I will let you know (or if you have advice please help) when I figure out how to integrate my apple watch more seamlessly with my Peloton.

I am by no means an expert, I have had the thing for a week, and have essentially given up figuring out how to clip out.  I'm the super cool kid who leaves her shoes dangling on the bike 24/7.  Are you able to help me? LOL.

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