How Parents Can Prepare for Virtual School Success

This school year is going to look different.  Whether you are all virtual, like we are, doing a public school, hybrid model, or home school, the supplies that you will need will look very different. I hope this list helps you get your stuff together, and prepares your household for success with online school! In addition to having a son on the autism spectrum (and lots of practice with sensory integration), I also have a masters in special education. Maybe some of these recommendations will be helpful for you!

I enlisted the help of some of my favorite classroom teachers, and occupational therapists, to make this list for all of us.  By reading beyond this point, you are agreeing to my updated privacy policy, found here, and my use of commission based links.

Child attending virtual school
Virtual school is just weird for all of us.

Technology Supplies We Bought in the Spring for Distance Learning.

Ok yes you will need all of the regular stuff like pencils, crayons, markers, and paper.  I'm going to throw some other ideas out there that you may not think of!

Flexible Seating

1. Bumpy seats.  These were the first things my kids asked for when we stared setting up our home school area.  They used them in class, and had a variety of ones that they liked in all colors.  I don't think you could really go wrong with them.

2. Children's Balance Ball.  My kindergartner LOVED these in her classroom.  She (and her teacher) suggested them for the house.


1. Bendy Pencils.  I would only suggest these for the older kids, as they might become distracting, but my oldest loved them this last school year.  It is a great way to keep hands busy during a long online session.

2. Squishees.  Every one of our classroom teachers had these last year.  There is a huge variety on Amazon, and my kids all love them. I thought they just wanted to play with them, but it turns out that they are very functional for the classroom too.


1. Pencil Cases.  While they aren't striclty necessary for this year, my kids just love them  It is such a ritual for our family to pick the pencil case that they want, so we did it this year too.

2. Chair Organizers.  My daughter used these in third grade, and after distance learning in the spring, I knew we needed a better system.  Each kiddo can keep their own supplies at their chair, so less chance of fighting over favorite pencils, or losing them in the black hole of my house.

Miscellaneous Stuff

1. Blue light blocking glasses.  Blue light can affect everyone after staring at a screen all day, and my kids will be spending way more time than they are used to in front of a computer.

2. First day of school Outfit.  We are going full fuzzy slippers/robes for the first day.  Keep your eye out for my budget friendly picks for looking cute from the waist up (ha), and getting outside for physical activity.

More Teacher Recommendations

1.  White Boards
2. Dry Erase Markers
3. Blank Journals
4. Favorite Writing Utensils

 5 Sample Online School Schedules for Families.  It is very important to establish not only a good space for learning, but also a routine.  Kids thrive on routine.

I decided last night that I am going to reconfigure my house to make more of a specific school space.  I will keep you posted!

how parents can prepare for virtual school success

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