Free or Cheap 30 Minute Workouts for Busy Moms

Working out at home has been challenging for me for a lot of reasons.  The major one is that I hate traditional workouts.  Going to the gym is my idea of personal hell, and while I am motivated by feeling strong, cookies are frankly motivating me more these days.  Anything over 30 minutes seems to be impossible because of interruptions, so I have compiled a list of free or cheap workouts for busy moms!  Tell me, what workouts are you loving?   By following beyond this point, you are agreeing to my updated privacy policy (here), and my use of commissioned links.

working out with my daughter
This is how it goes these days.  Usually there is an animal or two with us.

Free or Cheap 30 minute workouts for busy moms.

1.  Beachbody- 

I do not endorse the shakes and diet stuff, but the cost is $10 a month right now (the first month is free, and they have a huge variety of workouts.

2. Sworkit-

This is the one I am currently using.  It's an app, and it costs $10 a month (or less if you buy the annual plan).  My hubs uses this, and has for about a year, and loves it.  I really like that I can customize workouts according to how much time I have!

3. Peloton App-

This one has a ringing endorsement from everyone who has tried it.  From '"fun"runs to pilates, and strength training, it really has something for everyone.  Right now it is one month free ($13 a month after without the bike), and the kid/family ones are free!  I have started the abs one, and am very happy so far.

4.  Youtube-

I get so annoyed when people tell me to look at youtube.  It can be so hard to navigate, and how do you find one that you like?  My first suggestion is to ask friends, the second is to check the number of views/ratings.  I am going to link some of my favorites.  This is HIIT for people who get bored (me).  This is HIIT and cardio.  I love Pilates so much, it has completely changed my body.


A lot of really successful trainers who aren't in the gym are offering free workouts on Instagram.  Megan Roup is a favorite (and by favorite I mean I like watching her dance workouts and just feel like a slug because I am eating the cookie I mentioned above.  

6.  Local gym

So many local gyms are offering online group classes.  I highly recommend checking them out.  They probably won't be free, but my pilates studio is offering one free class a week.  If you want to drop in, my favorite mat instructor has been Megan.  I feel so worked out, and stretched at the end.  Those are $8 a class, but they are an hour.

7.  One month free offers

There are so many apps right now offering one month free, and the classes are so variable.  It may be a good way to find an app that you will not mind paying for.  In the interim, there are a bunch of free ones to find.

Now is the time, if you are interested.  The prices are great, and I actually really like Megan.  She's a kick ass working mama, with a lot of good information to share. 

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What workouts are you doing right now that everyone should try too?  I am so new at this, and want to help.

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