Simplify Christmas with Want it, Need it, Wear it, Read it.

The holidays are so busy, so, so busy for everyone.  For many reasons (including three birthdays in the fall and winter) we really needed to simplify the gift giving in our house.  Our kids get a lot of gifts, we are so blessed that they are loved, but we realized things needed to change.  The first thing that we did was implement the want it, need it wear it, read it gift giving, and it is still evolving.  See my updated privacy disclosure here, and this post contains affiliate links.

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*edited to add the gifts for 2021!  We moved from Maryland to California, so gifts are looking a bit different!

My husband and I were spending so much time finding gifts, and wrapping gifts, only to find that the kids were more interested in one of two things that an aunt perfected in her gift giving.  They only wanted that toy (or the box when they were littler), and the rest of it was relegated to a bin.  Probably never played with and just creating clutter.  So, a couple of years ago we tried something new.

How we simplified Christmas.

That has changed too!  Those four gifts used to be from us, and I would spend forever wrapping and counting.  UGH!  Now no more.  They get ONE special gift from the parents and the 4 (want it, need it, wear it, read it) from Santa!  I don't even have to wrap that ish anymore.

And I know some of you wrap Santa, but for me that's just cray.  I can't hide the special paper, and God forbid I run out.  No thanks!  Santa puts all their stuff together, and sets it all up.  Sure makes it easy for us parents.

This year from the parents, Belle is getting this:

Actually all of them are getting this, the Magic Key pass for Disneyland.

We got the least expensive pass.

From Santa she is getting: (and under the pictures are links)

Want it:

You guys she is getting a fish.  I can't even with that but I am looking at this tank...


Need it:

I'm a jerk...she's getting socks.

  But like nice organic ones.

Wear it:

Sister needs some new jammies.

Read it:

This one is a doozy, but we are getting her a three month subscription to audible.  I think it is the perfect way to transition her on an airplane, and solidify her love of book.  With the three months, we can try it without spending a ton.  Click where it says audible gift memberships if you want to know more.  They also have a 30 day free trial.

Audible Gift Memberships

Ry is getting this from us:

The magic key pass!

From Santa:

Want it:

He is getting this awesome Lego Mario thing that I found at Costco.  I got the last of three, so I'm sure its sold out there, but I found it online.

Need it:

Also socks.  I AM A MONSTER.

Wear it:

Even in Maryland, these shoes are great. You can go in water, playgrounds, school (with the closed toe rule), and they hold up SO well. Click here.


Read it:

It can be tough to find books for him because he really only likes graphic novels, but my nephew loved these!  Click here.

My oldest, Clara (10) will get this from us:

From Santa:

Want it:

This one is a big one, and normally would be from us, but we have a sewing auntie visit (fuck cancer we haven't seen her for two years), and she wants to share her knowledge.  Click here.

Need it:

She also needs jammies, and the long ones are just too hot for most of the year here. Click here.  Also also I will get them matching things until they cry uncle.

Wear it:

She has been dying for huggie hoops.  I can wear them too so I am excited.  Click here.


Read it: 

She is obsessed with this series.  Tween girl moms, get this!

All of those pictures are hyperlinked to some of my favorite stores, if you need some ideas.  And yes, I bought 95% of my gifts on Amazon this year.  The prices are great, and I can't beat the convenience!  And before you worry that my kids aren't getting much, DON'T.  They get a lot of fun gifts, and that's not the reason for the season anyway.

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