The best gift ideas for tween girls in 2022

Tween girls can be so hard to shop for! They are not quite a little kid and not quite teen girls either. If your tween is like mine, one day she loves playing with dolls. The next day? She is only interested in cell phones. It makes me wonder if tween boys are easier! This holiday season, I am going to share with you my best suggestions for your not-quite-teenage (or early teen) girls that have been so much fun in my house. This post contains affiliate links, and by reading beyond this point you are agreeing to my updated privacy policy (found here). I will never sell your information.

This is as professional as our pics got this year...LOL!

Best Gift Ideas for Tween and Teen girls!

All of these gifts should be deeply discounted for black friday!

Experience Gifts

My first suggestion for tweens is an experience. It can be one for the whole family, a get together with friends, or one on one. When we lived in Maryland, I printed out a cute certificate for a trip to NYC with a friend. We saw Aladdin on Broadway, had dinner, and took the train home. This year, I am taking her to see Encanto at the Hollywood Bowl. We have also taken her to the movies with friends. It can be really fun as a drive in too! I hope this sparks some great gift ideas for your tween. It really can be as personal and complex as you want to make it. Etsy has some absolutely fantastic ideas to share the good news without a big additional cost. Click here for some very creative ways to share your fun gift!  Do you have any other experience gift ideas that will work for that age range? Here is a link to an Amazon gift card that will always be a hit, or you can have her plan the experience with you (and a set budget)!

Beauty Products

Beauty products can be fraught with issues because most of the products on the market targeting teenage girls are so toxic. Don't worry, I've got some ideas for products that you can feel good about giving your pre teen. Nail polish is a great one that is inexpensive. Right now I am loving this one, and it is the least expensive option I can find. I did need a top coat. Here is another that is just a couple of dollars more, and I didn't need a topcoat. Another idea is face masks. My middle schooler is very into these, and she has started breaking out. Here is one that we use, that I think would be amazing thrown into a cool basket, or a makeup bag. Trust me, this is a huge hit!

Tech Gadgets

Technology is always a hit with kids, especially tweens. I am keeping mine off of social media as long as possible, so we have had a lot of success with a few gadgets. Here are a few different types of tech toys that have been some of our most popular gifts at home. The first are echo dots. Our daughter is able to play music in her room, set alarms/timers, listen to audio books, and meditations. Trust me, all of those have been helpful in the most angsty moments. My next suggestion is a nintendo switch. There are some great party and group games that we play a lot like Mario Maker, Mario Party, Mario Strikers,  and Animal Crossing. My next suggestion would be a kindle fire. My daughter Clara always had this on her wish list, and it has been so handy when we travel. She loves to read, and we got a subscription to kindle unlimited books. Along with the library, this is the perfect choice for any book lover. If the kiddo on your list loves to read, and already has a device, this is an AMAZING gift.

Bedroom Decor

My daughter is totally into my barefoot dreams fuzzy blanket. There are a couple of dupes that are similar (here) if the original isn't in your budget. Another idea would be a cute polka dot lounger. My daughter spends so much time in her special areas. She really loves her personal (no siblings) zones that turn into the hangout spot when her friends visit. Toss in some spare pillows, and you have the perfect present for your budding entertainer.

Crafting projects

Creative projects can often be the perfect gift for the teen years and an easy, productive way to keep them constructively busy.  Last year my oldest (Clara) received a sewing machine for Christmas, and it was one of the best gift ideas ever!  Another idea is a bracelet beading kit, so that she can make name bracelets for (and with) her friends using the letter beads.  There are a few more craft kit ideas that you can get on Amazon.  Even Etsy has some really cute and creative needlepoint ones.  Our house is obsessed with our black cat, so this one would be the perfect choice for Clara. 

Instax cameras

This instant camera is so much fun!  They come in different colors, and my daughter loves taking pictures with her friends.  Her birthday is three days after Christmas, so we could give her more film as a birthday gift.  Be aware that the film can be quite expensive.  

Water bottles

These are all the rage with the little lady in my house.  Each kid has their very strong opinion on which ones are the best, so a water bottle might be the favorite gift for the season.  Pair that with some trendy stickers that show her favorite things, and you have an instant winner.  I personally like the stainless steel contigo, but lots of kids like the one that I have linked here

Stylish bags

Bags are always a hit in my house.  Whether it is a small one for organizing cosmetics or a super cute overnight duffle, you can go wild!  This option is from StonyClover Lane is the cutest one we have found recently.  They come in a ton of fun colors and themes, so you can personalize it for any type of kiddo. The picture link below is for a lesser priced version. They are soooo cute and I want one personally! You pick from a variety of sizes and shapes, and they will customize it for you!

Roller Skates

Quality time is the best gift you can give any kiddo in your life.  How about both of you get roller skates, and hit the pavement for some fun?!  Mine is entering the hobbit hole phase of her development, where she would rather spend time in her darkened bedroom than venturing outdoors (LOL I'm sure you remember those days).  What better gift than to shock her system with some vitamin D and gasp!  Fresh air!

I want to know if you get any of these for your tween this year, or if there are any others that I am missing!   I need to add to this list, so help!

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