The holidays are so busy, such a busy time of year for everyone. For many reasons (including three birthdays in the fall and winter) last year we really needed to simplify the Christmas gifts giving in our house. Our kids get a lot of gifts, we are so blessed that they are loved by our extended family, but we realized things needed to change. The first thing that we did was implement the want it, need it, wear it, read it gift rule, (for santa gifts off of each gift list) and it is still evolving. See my updated privacy policy disclosure here, and this post contains affiliate links. It has led to fewer gifts, and a lot less organization during the holiday season.  I hope that this will become your Christmas time tradition, and at the end of the post you will see my PRINTABLE Christmas wish template for want it, need it, wear it and read it!

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*edited to add the gifts for 2022, and  printable christmas lists for the dear santa letter that they each create!