How I Simplified Christmas, and You Can too!

Just in case, maybe just one of you doesn't already have every present wrapped and under the tree, I have an idea or two for you. Truthfully, it has made my holiday planning SO MUCH EASIER.  I can't take credit for it. In fact I have no idea where I first heard of it.  What is this miracle of holiday simplification of which I speak?  Are you ready for <drumroll...> want it, need it, wear it, read it?  BAM! 

It's not as harsh as it sounds.  The kidlets always get a TON of stuff from relatives, and all of my babies have birthdays around the holidays.  I feel like we are swimming in stuff, so we chose to limit what they get from us. *this post contains affiliate links*

The Honeybadger has her birthday three days after Christmas, so I am always stressed making sure she doesn't feel slighted.  As a result I have WAY TOO MUCH, or I am scrambling at the last minute for her birthday.

I just don't want to do that anymore.  I want to enjoy the holiday and the time with my family.   That's always awesome!  I'm sorry, but I am the last person who wants to be up until 11 pm making sure every present looks perfect under the tree.  This is why the pictures of my house don't look perfect like, ahem, ALL of the other bloggers.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  HA! HA!  I want to have a glass of wine and chill with the hubs (hubs optional).

Here are some ideas of what my kiddos are getting.  If you tell them, I may have to get you.

Christmas toys, christmas toys for girls, best toys
Pants, Woody, Book, Blanket

I found those Boden pants on a Nordstrom SUPER sale, and I have to tell you, I love them.  They are the only brand that he doesn't wear a hole in the knees after two trips to the park.  Boys.  The other obvious answer to your question is yes, I do all of my shopping on Amazon.  Except for a  few things that we found around Black Friday, everything else is generally cheaper there.  Amazon (+Prime) is magic.

Christmas toys, christmas toys for girls, best toys
Dress, Craft Kit, Book, Blanket

The Honeybadger is KILLING me lately with Pinkalicious everything.  At least she is reading?  Before you ask, yes.  I got matching dresses for the girls, and if I could have monogrammed them, I would have!

Christmas toys, christmas toys for girls, best toys
Dress, Toy, Book, Cup

That pull toy is amazing.  I have seen it at a friends house, and it was a no batteries hit!  I also always use a Zoli bot for my littles.  I love the fact that is basically leak proof, which is great for leaving in the crib overnight and for naps.

Ok ladies, spill it.  Do you have any methods that reduce your shopping stress during the holiday, or any great sale advice for me?  I would love to hear it!

Have a happy holiday everyone!


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