When you are a mom, mornings are busy. Trying to get everyone dressed, packed for school, fed, and out the door in time is challenging. I have some ideas, other than cereal, that are easy, and healthy.

When you’re responsible for so much during mornings before school, it can be tough to figure out
what to feed your kids for breakfast. Often times, we end up sending our children out the door with
a cereal bar. But if your child isn’t getting the nutrients they need in the morning, or if he or she is
among the 20% of children who skip breakfast every day, it’s important to find the time to provide
them with a filling breakfast.

Fortunately, nutritious meals don’t have to be time-consuming, and there are plenty of ways to prepare
a healthy, delicious breakfast even on a busy morning. These recipes will help you manage the chaos
that comes before school while ensuring your children get a filling breakfast each morning. This post
contains commission based links, and by continuing to read, you are are agreeing to my updated privacy
information, found here.

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