Fall! It is a wonderful time to take some family pictures, right? The weather isn't too hot, and there
are so many outdoor activities that fool them into being the perfect models. HA! Here are some ideas
to take those amazing fall pictures with your kids. This post was originally posted by Howard County
Dads, and republished with permission. Howard County Dads is a GREAT informational website to
get dads involved! Here is a link to my updated privacy policy.

Once the heat starts fading away, it’s a great time to be outside creating all sorts of adventures. It’s
also a great time of year to photograph your kids, as they will be in a happier mood when not
overheated, and fall presents lots of opportunities to explore the changing season. In this post, we’ll
look at some ideas for keeping the kids busy and documenting their activities.

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Fall is my favorite.  I love the cooler nights, windows open and (obviously) soup.  Why obviously?  Because its generally pretty easy and th...