My diaper bag is awesome.  It is very lightweight, has a very long and heavy duty stroller strap and is machine washable.  I love my diaper bag!  What's in yours?

1.  Pull ups.  R3 is potty training, and I am always ready in case of emergencies.

2.  My Rickshaw Designs diaper holder (with wipes inside) 

3.  A monogrammed bib for Belle.  (Thanks Maggie!) 

4. A Bebe Au Lait nursing cover

5. Natursutten Pacifier, which is one of my essentials.

6. Earthsbest baby food pouch and Boon spoon.

7.  My Samsung Galaxy S4

8. Board book for emergencies. 

9. Wallet, coupons AND cash.  That's a surprise!

10. Bandaids

11.  Kid snacks, raisins and mum mums

12.  Water bottles!  I love my Lifefactory and the Klean Kanteen for the kidlets.  

13.  My full sleeved Bumkins bibs.  I know that I have gone on about these ad nauseam, but they are so fantastic!

14.  My handy dandy much loved Marc Jacobsdiaper bag!

That's it, what do you have in yours?  If you notice, I don't carry clothes in there.  I always carry spares in the car.  I don't have enough space for all of that nonsense.  ;)


[Note from the hubs: This bag is also husband-proof. Every time she asks me to retrieve something - "Could you get my wallet out of the inside non-zip pocket, please sweetie?" <bats eyelashes> - I feel like Charlie Brown kicking the football: so much hope - I'll find it right away THIS time! - only to flail through every pocket in bitter disappointment. She could be hiding the antidote in there, and I would have no chance of surviving.]

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