Baby Feeding Must Haves

So we have started the real food eating part of babyhood in my house.  It is a creative and fun time for baby to explore, but sometimes it's messy and inconvenient for Mommy.  Who am I kidding?  It is always messy.

I have a couple of friends with clean eaters.  This has NEVER happened to me.  I'm imagining some sort of Polyanna-esqe scenario where birds sing in the windows while the rosy cheeked, white cotton pinafore wearing cherub opens her rosebud lips and daintily eats whatever food is offered.  In my house, imagine more Beast than Beauty.  I love em, but let's just say I wish the couch wasn't so close to the kitchen.

Here is where I offer you my list of must haves for baby feeding.  (From the top, moving clockwise) 

1. I first have the Zoli bot.  It is a weighted straw, silicone cup that is super handy for those babies learning to use a sippy.  Whichever way they move, the weight will keep the straw in the liquid.  Genius!

2. Number two is an immersion blender.  I have one with an attachment that has a blade, so I can purée whatever, whenever. Love it!

3. Kidsme feeder(large size).  No more of those yucky mesh things to clean out.  This thing is SO easy to pop into the dishwasher, or wash by hand.

4.  Glass Baby Food jar containers.  We don't use plastic in my house anymore and these babies by Sage Spoonfuls are perfect.  They store puréed food in the freezer, fridge and can be microwaved.  In the interest of full disclosure, this system that I found uses plastic lids. Unfortunately, I am unable to find my exact ones online. Do you have a preferred brand?

5. Num Num learning spoons.  I first heard about these via Instagram and from AP at I Love You More Than Carrots.  The food adheres to them very well and allows the baby a bit more freedom in exploring his/her new culinary world.

6. Booginhead SippiGrip.  I swear by these things.  I use the paci leashes and I use these to keep my precious angel from chucking her sippy into whatever breakable surface is near.  They get dirty in my house (oh surprise) and I just pop it in the washing machine.

7.  Boon spoon.  I'm sure you remember my spoon experiment with sweet Belle? This was the winner! I'm sure there are other types and would love to hear about your winners.

8. Bumkins Waterproof Bib.  Not a surprise that a maker of cloth diapers makes a fantastic bib.  It is very lightweight, and waterproof.  It folds up very small and so each kid has one in my diaper bag.  I love this bib and it is always on my list of favorites for new moms.  The bigger kids use it when we eat out and those fancy clothes need to stay clean!  FYI these are on Zulily right now for a cheaper price.

9.  We love the Bloom High Chair even with its high price tag.  It moves up and down so baby can sit with us at the counter, or down at the table.  Love that!  It is also pretty easy to clean and reclines so little babies are more comfortable.  If you can afford it, a good high chair is a very practical luxury.  I luckily found mine at an awesome consignment shop.

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