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Hello!  My name is Christy and I have three children.  Did I mention that they are 4, 3 and infant sized?  That pretty much means if I have to take them all somewhere (especially on my own), the baby must be in a carrier.  I need the other hands free for kid-wrangling and Sherpa duties.  Ladies, I know you understand me!

I decided to let you in on a couple of my secrets to stylish (ahem) success.  

Rule number one!  You need a comfortable carrier and cute is helpful. 

Rule number two!  Your jeans must feel like leggings.  I wear these jeans a ton and have pulled them down without undoing the zipper. (I forgot they were jeans.)  #Truth. 

Rule number three! You need a diaper bag that can carry ALL of the things.  I #pinksparkleheart love mine.  It is pricey, but weighs a couple of ounces and is machine washable.  Not kidding.  (I am now composing an ode to my diaper bag that I may or may not publish in the future.)  

Rule number four!  All clothes must be machine washable and stretchy, especially if you are nursing.  Button downs are the only exception to rule four.

I have compiled a style board with some of my favorites.  I actually own, and wear most of what I have featured.  Happy shopping!  ;)

1. I did a sunglasses throw back for my sweet hubs, so that he can relive his glory days being Goose from TOPGUN.  I can remember my dad sporting these same sunglasses in the 80's (he was Maverick); talk about a blast from the past!  

2.  My favorite Marc Jacobs diaper bag. Swoon! 

3.  These jeans are amazing.  The ones I wear are the Emma style, but I have tried on several different varieties and love them all.  Locally, you can find them at Liquid Blue Denim. Stay tuned for a discount code for my readers! 

4.  My Frye boots.  I love them and wear them a ton in the fall and winter.  They are an investment, but if you are like me, you will have them for a long time.  They are just so stinking cute with jeans and leggings tucked inside.  

5.  The very-necessary-for-nursing button down shirt: a super cute chambray from J Crew.

6. This one is the most important of the lot.  It is a good, solid baby carrier.  I love this new MarinePrint from Ergobaby, and couldn't wait to share it!

Try as I might I could not find a scarf that I was in love with to pair with this...of course, with the machine washable and stretchy rules, that is complicated.  I have a few that I picked up in India and Dubai that I wear often, but those aren't readily accessible on Amazon.  As we all know, if Prime can't deliver it, I don't really need it. Happy hunting mamas!

I hope you love my list.  Surprisingly, I am completely clueless about nursing wear. Generally every top I see, I hate.  Please tell me about brands and types that you love!  Cheers!


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