New mama must haves

New mama must haves

So, it is a lot of black stretchy pants.  When you come home with that precious baby you will still have a six months (at least) sized belly.  I know, I know, but it doesn't go away overnight.  You will need those maternity pants, or at least a good transitional pair of tights for awhile.  If you've had a c-section, you will want over the belly type pants.  Nothing feels good touching that incision!

You will want to be comfortable.  You are healing, and leaking from several orafices.  You are sleep deprived and don't need to stress about looking good for those precious visitors who come to bring you meals and snuggle your little love.  You also want to be somewhat camera ready for the sweet hubs who will document Every Waking Minute (you'll thank him later).

I threw in a couple of favorite nursing bras, but I lived in nursing tanks.  It's just less stuff to fuss with and easy to throw in the washer when your little squeaker throws up that precious liquid gold.  All over your outfit.  Let's not forget the hearing pad, I kept that puppy on my nursing chair for a couple of weeks, it really helped!

It's all about easy wearing, cute pieces that hide all the not so ready for a bikini bits.  Keep the colors simple and add a pop of color with a cute necklace or some awesome slippers and you've got it made.  Last year Boden had the stinking cutest velvet ones that looked like ballet flats, but they haven't released them as of  my deadline.  Comfy too!

Silence Noise extra long cardigan

Bb dakota sweater

525 America maxi cardigan

Bodas pink bra

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