We all got THE virus, and a major leak in the house.

 I have been MIA even more than usual.  Mama needs to write, and be creative ya'll.  So here I am on the other side of a month of craziness.  It all started the first week of January when my littlest woke up with a nightmare in the middle of the night...

Babygirl with fever cheeks.  And the last pic I took last month

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Ok, so back to the nightmare.  She snuggled with us for a bit, and went back to bed, so we thought nothing of it.  Cut to the next night when she woke up from a nightmare, her legs felt sore, and her tummy really hurt.  The symptoms were weird, but we decided to test her (the school had given us tests the day before).  Guess what?! Positive.

Quarantine for EVERYONE!  She developed a high fever, but was fine after about two days.  Little kids are magical.  

She is me

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We all tested negative, so after that period the big kids went back to school.  For two days?  Maybe one.  Then my oldest had a tummy ache.  She shares a room with her sister (and all of my kids essentially lick each other daily, so it was bound to happen), positive. Clara had a lot of vomiting (like a LOT), and a low grade fever.

Quarantine for EVERYONE!  The littlest was done with quarantine a couple of days after her sister tested positive, so she was able to go back to school.

Clara was sick for two days I think, and I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.  A couple of days later, my throat was really hurting.  I swabbed the stuff in my throat (because why not but I am not a doc so don't come for me virus police), and I was positive.  What is hilarious is that was the first day I put on a cute outfit, and makeup.  I even worked out, and felt great.  I went downhill fast.  Ry also tested positive the same day, but he only had a very mild fever.

I had a fever for several days (I don't exactly know how many), and felt awful.  When I thought my fever was gone, it would come back.  UGH.  My hubby got sick three days after I did.  It was NOT fun trying to take care of kids, feed them (and all the things) when we both just felt terrible.  Some friends helped me get Belle and Clara to school (who were both good to go by this time, and full of energy).

Hubby took a week off, and I slowly got better.  The lingering lack of energy, and exhaustion was the worst part.  Then I got a sinus infection, and I'm still on antibiotics.  That takes us to where we are now.  

Oh wait I forgot the leak.

One morning I was helping C get ready for school, and she yelled that there was water dripping into the basement.  It started between floors 2-3, and went through our kitchen.  So we had ruined hardwood, a huge hole in the ceiling, and the fridge in the middle of the floor.

As I write this, it is all fixed.  Just waiting for insurance to come through so we don't have to pay for alllll of that mess out of pocket.  

Did I also mention Clara ripped the cabinet door in half too? 

With all of that hot mess, I am very glad to be out of the house.  The weather here in LA has been gloriously hot this week. We actually might even go to the beach today.

Here's a question for you, did you guys get Covid?  Pretty much everyone out here did.

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