Best Feel Good Movies and Shows on Netflix to Stream Right Now

As much as I can appreciate Ozark, I just am not looking for dark programming right now.  Right now I need Netflix and other streaming channels to give me feel-good, lighter programming.  Here is our list of feel-good movies and shows you can stream right now!  Most of these are shows, because we can't often stream a long movie during the week.  By reading beyond this point, you are agreeing to my updated privacy policy, and my use of commission based links.  

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We all need lighthearted TV right now...homework!

The best lighthearted shows and movies to stream on Netflix

1. Jane the Virgin- Rogelio de la Vega is easily one of the best characters on TV.

2. The English Game-if you love Downton, you will love this. If, on the other hand, you didn't care for Downton, but care about the history of sport and professionalism, this is also for you. I rolled my eyes at first, but it is quite good.

3. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee- Seinfeld hanging out with his comedian friends, it's so good.

4. About Time -time travel, but not lame.  Most of the fantasy stuff my hubs makes me watch isn't my fave, but this one hit me with the feelz.

5. Love Sick- Not going to describe it-just watch.

6. Master of None- the dad (who is actually his dad) is amazing.

7. I Am Not Ok With This- not as feel good, but not crazy dark

8. The Crown- I feel like everyone has heard of this.  If you love somewhat accurate history, this is for you.

9. The Final Table- a chef show times a zillion.  Serious heavyweight contestants and judges.  You will not be sorry.

10. Ugly Delicious- another food show.  Really well done with travels all over the world.

11. The New Girl- loved almost every minute.  Schmidt is also one of my top three comedic characters.

12. The Office- I'm not sure we can be friends if you haven't watched this.

13. Parks and Recreation- same at the above

14. Murder Mystery- Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.  It works - just pure entertainment.  Not gonna win an Oscar, but good for a movie night.

15. The Two Popes- the relationship is what makes this show magical.  Highly recommend

16. Cheer-  I am not sure how I missed this one the first time. Cheer is a gift.  Those kids are resilient as hell, and the athleticism!! Wow!

17. Call the Midwife-  Ok so not super light-hearted, but hear me out.  The characters are so good, and overall the story is very uplifting.  I just loved it and was so sad when it ended.

18. Selling Sunset- OMG!  It's like the housewives, but maybe better?  These ladies are gorgeous, the clothing is FIRE, and the DRAMA.  Love this show so much.

19.  Dynasty- This is just the telenovela style drama I didn't know I needed.  You will love to hate the Carringtons, just like the 80's.

20. Kim's Convenience-  don't second guess it, just watch.  SO SO FUNNY.  

21.  Emily in Paris- the rom com/fashion show that we all didn't know that we needed.  

22. Teenage Bounty Hunters-  think southern debutantes, turned accidentally awesome teenage bounty hunters.  You will love the characters, and while the explanation makes no sense, I loved every minute. Can't wait for season 2.

23. Hunt for the Wilderpeople-  I resisted this one...hard.  Probably because it is mostly outside.  That is automatically a pass for me.  It is so feel good, you will love it.

24.  The Parisian Agency- this is reality tv I love.  Follow a very fancy Parisian family of real estate agents as they sell some wildly cool apartments in Paris.  I love to see other people in their enviornments!

25. Love is Blind-  I am about to dive into a reality TV wormhole, and I hope you follow me.  These people meet in individual pods, and only meet face to face if they decide to get engaged.  The cameras follow (what is mostly a hot mess express) from meeting to marriage.  The good news is that it does work!  Some of the couples are super cute. Also of note:  the Brazilian and the Japanese version are also entertaining.  It is super interesting to see how couple live, and communicate in different cultures.

26.  Bridgerton-duh.  We have all watched it.  The books are even better.

27. Derry Girls-  absolutely brilliant, irreverant look at life in Northern Ireland (in the early 1990s), through the eyes of a pack of schoolgirls.  IT IS HILARIOUS.

What to stream on HBO

1. The Brink- oh please bring this show back, it is so good. The hubs says that the aircraft carrier and flight scenes are like if you turned Fighter Squadron life to 100.

2. Silicon Valley- my husband (an MIT nerd) says this is the most accurate nerdery he has ever seen on TV.

3. Bored to Death- a slow start, but the hubs really loves it. Ted Danson, Zach Galifianakis, and Jason Schwartzman have a true bromance.

Best Shows and Movies on Peacock.

1.  Marry Me-  it is a gem with Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson.  Look it isn't going to win any awards, but it is a cute/feel good movie.

2.  Real Housewives' all the things.  My most favorite one recently is the Girls Trip sideshow.  Ya'll, Ramona is a trip.  Also the Miami season is not to be missed, for the minimum reason to watch Larsa deny allll the plastic surgery.

Best Shows and Movies to Watch on Hulu.

 1. Outlander-  I really loved the books.  The show isn't as good, but if looking at hot dudes with cute accents is your thing, you will love it.  The hubs always has a deep eye roll.

2.  Only Murders in the Building-  but Christy, it says murder.  Well yes, but it is cute.  With Steve Martin, and Martin Short.  Drops mic.

Best Shows to stream and Watch with Kids

1. Ultimate Beastmaster - on Netflix

2. The Masked Singer-free streaming on Fox, but beware of not kid friendly commercials.

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Ok! This is my current list, what should I add to this?

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