5 Tips for Rain at Disney: How to Make the Most of Your Day

We went to Disneyland last week for my daughters birthday, and it was rainy.  Not just a little rain, but shoes-soaking-wet needles-in-our-faces-on-rides rain.  While it doesn't rain often in California, we were not ready, and I want to share with you what we did to make the most of our time.  Hopefully you will be more prepared than we were!

Our favorite ride has a long line, but there are options!

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We thought we were prepared for the rain. LOL.  We even had all of our east coast rain gear.  WE WERE NOT PREPARED.  It was a hot mess, and I went running to buy all the things at the Disney stores.  Oh those worked, but with a little prep you won't be paying Disney prices for what you need.

How to make the most of the most out of a rainy Disney day, and what to bring.

1. Bring the appropriate gear. 

Deep eye roll at myself for this one. I thought I was ready.  NOPE.  I highly recommend these ponchos.

Those are the adult version, and get more than you need.  They can rip on the rides.  Do not assume (like I did) your rain gear will be enough.  Ours was not...I mean we have never had to wear rain gear for 8 hours outside before.  LOL!. While our upper bodies were mostly dry, our legs and especially our shoes were soaked. The ponchos helped a lot!  

Also invest in a waterproof backpack, like this one, to keep your electronics and souvenirs dry.  Consider bringing an extra pair of socks for each of the family.  When feet get wet, blisters start happening.  All of that walking with blisters is not fun.  Shoes that are waterproof and great for walking are hard to find.  Especially when it is cold.  I saw lots of folks in rain boots, but I can't imagine 9 miles of walking in them.  Choose what to bring/pack wisely.  Mine were PERFECT, and here is the link. I found some amazing kids shoes options that are both waterproof, and water resistant.  They should also work for this link. For an extensive list of women's waterproof shoes for walking, click this link.

2.  Buy the Genie+ pass.

The major benefit of paying the extra money is staying out of the weather.  The best rides have long lines. Since outdoor activities like characters, Marvel superhero shows, and bands are cancelled in the rain, the rides were the only attractions still open. This made long lines even longer.  Even without full capacity, you can have a two hour wait. We saw a two hour wait for Monsters Inc. which is almost always a "walk-on" ride.  It was so miserable, we were ready to pay so that we could ride more, and escape the weather.

3.  Dining Reservations...get them even if you have to do walkup.

We looked for restaurants that have covered or indoor seating.  It isn't that easy to do via the Disneyland app, and I looked almost every day for reservations prior to our trip.  There was nothing available.  That said, every restaurant has a walk up list when you are in the park, and we got in everywhere we tried (except for Blue Bayou).  Even if you don't have success at first, keep checking the app, especially in the park.  We were able to get a last-minute character breakfast at the Grand Californian.  It was awesome, and the perfect break from the weather.

With the parades cancelled, we were thrilled with the cavalcade.

4.  Take weather breaks.

I am a believer in Disney breaks. We generally get a dining reservation every time we go so that we can all sit and decompress. If you are staying in a hotel, go and take a disco nap.  Heck, change clothes if you need to.  I was flabbergasted by the women who looked so put together, and in hair and makeup, while I looked like a drowned rat.  TELL ME ABOUT THIS SORCERY!  We went back to the hotel, and we all took a nap.  It was glorious.  If you aren't staying at a hotel, follow my advice from number 3.  Find a restaurant where you can shed some layers, warm up, and dry off.

5.  Make a plan before you go.

Decide which rides and treats are a must, and plan your route through the park.  We didn't do that (sometimes our fault, and sometimes rides broke down), and we ended up walking the same paths over and over.  By the time we got home, my sons shoes were so wet and sour, I gagged at the smell.  It was suuuuuuuper fun.  So yeah, avoid that.

I hope these tips help you on your next Disney outing!  With spring coming, and the continuing winter rains, I hope so!  Do you have any tips I  missed?

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