The flight to CA and Hotel Hilarity...

As of today, we are still living in the crappy hotel, but next week?  We will be in our house full time!  I can't be more excited.  Our movers came, dropped off all of our stuff, and everything is a total mess.  We can't wait to share all about what a move looks like right now!  First I want to catch up on what happened at the hotel(s).  It was a super hot mess.

Taking off from Maryland to our new home.

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You can read about why we moved to California here.

I last left you when we left Maryland. If you want to see my cry all over the faceplace, then go ahead and watch the video...


I had totally bailed on all of my goodbyes, because I am a wimp.  

You can ready about our last days in Maryland here.


We packed our 21 pieces of luggage, the dog, the cat, and the three kids into the airport.  (We needed help both in CA and Maryland because our rental van would not fit it all).  Why so much?  Well, we needed enough stuff to live for a month.  We also needed stuff like the litterbox, and food for the animals.  It added up quickly.  Plus I needed to plan for the worst case scenario, so I packed the elf and Christmas jammies.

The flight was late afternoon, which we try to never do, but we booked so last minute, that there weren't any other direct options.  The kids are flying champs, and BWI made it pretty painless.  Because of the COVID stuff, it isn't super nice to fly with the kids.  Everyone has to wear a mask, going to the bathroom just feels scary (hello! kids lick everything), and that means no snacking on the plane. At least for my kids.  I just wasn't willing to take the chance.  That also means that at least 1/2 of the entertainment for the 5 hour flight wasn't available.  LOL.

The cat behaved himself on the plane, but the dog?  The dog FREAKED at the engine noise during takeoff.  I was actually afraid that she would have a heart attack, as I have never seen her behave that way.  If you know Lolly, you know she is the most laid back dog ever, but there has been a lot of stress for her with the move, and we are seeing some behaviors we haven't before.

She is such a good girl, but man she was scared.

We got to the airport, wrangled all of our crap (it all MADE IT), and my cousin picked us up to help with the gear.  We checked into our hotel, and I was not pleased.  It was clean, but if you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen the loft of death.  LOL.  This thing had a low wall, that was also the headboard for a bed in the second story.  

Hotel Hilarity

The cat walked on it, the kids got on the bed, and this thing was LOW.  For a couple of days?  Sure.  For a month when we are all working, and schooling from that room?  No way.  So I sent a photo to our move coordinator who was flabbergasted as well (so I am not out of my gourd).  So they found us another hotel.

School in hotel #3.  Not perfect, but safe.

We packed up our home/office/school/zoo (in two trips) and moved to a new hotel.  This is after we all looked at the floorplans of several hotels.  Another, closer, option had that same weird wall.  We moved in, got settled, finished school for the day, and went to bed.  Holy cannolis.  We were on an 8 lane street (right outside our window), and the metro was outside the other window.  It was sooooo loud all night.  One would think I would have noticed before that, but kids are loud.  

None of us slept.  The next day I decided that it wasn't going to work so I started hunting online for hotels myself.  We found one that is just a couple of blocks from my hubby's office.  That was super convenient with one vehicle (our cars were on a transport from MD).  It also had no death trap wall, and they let me go into a room to hear the noise level before we checked in.  If that sounds high maintenance to you,  it is(!), but we were going to be there for a month, sleeping, working, and schooling.  

It worked.  It isn't what I would call a nice hotel...LOL.  The windows don't work, the clientele is a bit shady, but the staff are great.  It is totally a crappy hotel, but its pretty quiet, and it has a bathroom for each bedroom.  We are able to get the kids all in one bedroom (with a roll away), and we moved the desk into the other bedroom so my hubby can work *mostly undisturbed (*note from the hubs: disturbed, very disturbed).  Moving so many times was physically hard.  We have a lot of stuff, and man.  My poor hubs.


After a LOT of doing, the kids are finally enrolled in school here. It has been quite the transition.  For a week or so, we were logging in at 6 am to do school on the east coast.  After Thanksgiving, the start time was 8:30.  That part is so much better!

My fifth grader has settled in nicely, but the others are challenged by the different technology. Especially the little one (if you have been following me on IG😆).  Learning how to find all of the things online, and the new submission policies have had all of us in tears more than once.  Thankfully when the hubs notices, he will high five me for a few minutes so I can get myself together.  You folks that homeschool kids all the time have my respect.  The battles about getting the work done are just awful.

Next stay tuned for the move in!  I know I'm not writing a lot right now, it is all a little bit too much.

Popcorn movie night turned into tacos on the beach night!

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