I took the best probiotic on the market for a year... an update and a discount code

About a year ago, I started taking Seed.  It's a probiotic that is the best one on the market.  That's not just talk.  I had to take a class to even talk about this probiotic. That is how serious they are about the science and making sure their message is clear.  Don't worry, I have a discount code for you and it is the BEST ONE I have ever seen.

The bottle is glass, and the packaging is totally sustainable.

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I started taking Seed after I had my prophylactic mastectomy and reconstructions surgeries.  (You can read more about that here).  After so many months of antibiotics, my guts were a mess. Constant upset stomach, my skin was awful, and I was constantly constipated.

I happened run into seed at a work conference. Count me as one of those SUPER skeptical consumers.  I don't believe anyone when they tell me that this magic pill/oil/tea will fix all the things.  I want proof, and frankly so should you.  Then I started to research, and you know what I discovered?  The word probiotic is everywhere, and none of it made any sense.  How can something go through your stomach acid at body temperature, but not survive outside of the fridge?  These are the questions that I have...

Probiotics at the store claim to do all the things.  Clean your counters, help digestion, boost immunity, help your dog feel better, update your phone, fix your selfies, all of the things.  But literally none of those products actually talk about dosage.  How much are you actually getting and is it getting past your digestive tract?  Is it even helpful to clean surfaces?  SOMEONE ANSWER MY OBNOXIOUS QUESTIONS! I held off of the SEED because it isn't cheap.  

This is the initial package, with the travel vial!

I wish I hadn't waited so long to start taking SEED.  

Seed has real science and scientists.  Like the guy who actually defined the word probiotic, back in 2001 at the WHO, is their chief scientist.  Seed packs some serious scientific muscle behind their product which is why it costs more than a drugstore brand.

But what about fermented foods?

Yup, you can get probiotics from fermented foods.  But how much?  Calculating dosage, and effectiveness is almost impossible.  And there really isn't a way to make sure it gets past your stomach acid.  I still eat the foods, but I don't depend on them.  

Do you always have to take a probiotic?

Short answer?  Yes.  They do not multiply and colonize.  You have to replenish them. You can read about transient microbes here.

I did not have any side effects.

The packaging suggests that it may take your body a bit to get used to them, and if you experience this please let me know.  I had no issues at all.  Everything that I experienced was positive.  My skin looks better, and I have no issues with regularity.  My immune system seems to be better, but of course that is anecdotal.  But those pesky seasonal colds?  I really haven't gotten them. 

I need to tell you about my friend with Celiac...

She tried it, after telling me about all the probiotics she has tried over the years, and it changed her life.  So much so that she has her whole Celiac afflicted family taking it.  I was so happy that I could help her!

Now for the discount code. 

This is the BEST CODE I have ever seen for SEED.  Ever. Use this link to take you directly to SEED.  Then use the code STAINEDWITHSTYLE20.

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