You've done it all for your Disney trip: travel, lodging, meal plan, picked up your Disability Access Service (DAS) pass, and planned to get your Genie+.  Now what?  How do you USE all this stuff? How can you make the best experience possible whether it is to go on as many rides as possible or to go on the RIGHT rides at the RIGHT time, all without waiting in long lines, Right?  I am here for you!  Thank the big thinkers at Disney because the process is essentially the same at both Disney World and Disneyland!  The updates to the Fastpass system at Disneyland post COVID-19 should make the DAS pass even easier to use!  I'm here to answer the questions, about how to use the DAS system on the app, and how to use the genie+ fastpass system with the DAS pass!
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Balloons at Disney World
This picture is from Disneyland in March 2020, isn't it so fun?