Tips to Make your Favorite Treats Healthier!

Does your family love a trip to the pizzeria or the local Chinese restaurant? I know mine does. You just have to be a little inventive and make some small changes to make those treats healthier for the fam!
Have you ever tried frozen banana in the blender? Well, it is a game changer, tastes exactly like ice-cream! You’re going to learn to make some simple changes that will have you eating healthy in no time. This post contains affiliate links, and you can find more about my privacy policy here.

Don’t Step Away from The French Fries

The next time you want fries, try baking them instead of deep frying. First, you should toss your sweet potato wedges in a bag with olive oil and semolina. This coating with ensures you get a crispy oven chip every time. You can also try using a healthy oil like coconut to help reduce your cholesterol levels. I have recently started to use my air fryer for these and MAN, are they good.

Got A Hankering For KFC?

There is nothing like fried chicken! However not matter what you never really feel your best after it. So, treat yourself by adding flavour and texture in another way. My kids looooove smoked chicken breast, it ensures that they still get their fix of protein as well as feel like they are also getting a treat. I also use the air fryer I got for Christmas, and it makes the best chicken wings I have ever had!

Healthy Fried Rice, That Still Tastes like Rice

Rice can be good in moderation, however, if you find that when you cook it there is enough for the whole village (and you managed it eat it all) it might be time to find an alternative. Ok, maybe it isn't JUST like rice, but it's still pretty darn yummy.
All you need to do is roughly chop your cauliflower and throw in a food processor for a minute.  You will find that the texture is very similar to rice. Use this ‘faux’ rice can be used in any dish where you would have normally used white rice and it tastes just the same. One of our favourites is cauliflower fried rice, the family didn’t even blink an eyelid when I served this one up! Mom hack: buy it at Costco, and store it in the freezer.

Make Your Own Condiments!

Have you tried making your sauces? If you have ever had a read of the back you will notice that sugar is one of the main ingredients. If you see some tomatoes on sale, why not make your own tomato sauce? Or you could try making a yummy pesto. It is great to add to pasta or as a coating on the chicken.
If you looking for a creamy spread like butter, why not try avocado. It is a similar texture to butter and great to spread on flatbread or toast. It is super easy to also make salsa, hummus or even salad dressing. But honestly, there is nothing wrong with butter too!
Make Your Own Chocolate Bars

If you find you a get a hankering for chocolate, try making it yourself. There is a huge difference between cocoa and cacao, so just by making the conscious decision to understand what is in your food, will significantly improve your health.
Cacao powder is packed with nutrients and tastes just as yummy as cocoa. We love making our own truffles, it only takes a few simple ingredients such as coconut oil, cacao powder and sea salt. I actually use this in hot chocolate for the kids too!

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese

Whether it is salty, creamy, stinky or sharp we all have our favourite cheese. A pastime we couldn’t dream of giving up!

Have you ever made a cake and thought twice about having a third piece when you remember the two cups of sugar in it as well as the stick of butter! Well what if you could make your own cheese, then you will know how milk, cream and salt your consuming!

Start off with something easy like ricotta, all need is some milk, salt and a cheese bag (can’t find one, just make you own). You will be eating delicious combination like blueberries and ricotta on sourdough or spinach and ricotta ravioli in no time! I have this kit (that you can get on Amazon), that makes making your own a breeze.

Can’t Give Up Mac and Cheese?

Processed pasta is not a good thing to eat on a regular basis. Get rid of boxed mac and cheese and make some at home. You can make a velvety cheese-based sauce with added butternut squash. This sweet taste on mac and cheese is sure to be satisfying. I usually buy it frozen at Costco!
Take it a step further and replace your high carb noodles with a plant-based pasta made out of chickpeas or legumes. The texture may be a little grainier than regular pasta but it tastes almost the same.  One of my favorites is Explore Cuisine. The lasagna noodles are so good.

We All Scream for Healthy Ice cream

We all love ice-cream, but if you have ever brought a tub and ‘accidently’ finished the whole tub, this can help. If you see some brown bananas at the shop or have some, don’t throw them out, peel and freeze them now! When your ready for some yummy ice-cream grab them out and throw them in the blender for 1 min -2 mins. You will find it turns into fluffy banana ice cream in no time!
It is delicious on its own, but you can add anything you love in ice-cream. You could throw in some blueberries, coconut milk or mint. You won’t believe how similar the consistency and taste is to ice cream!
Educating yourself is crucial when it comes to eating well. Rather than denying yourself or overindulging just a few tweaks here and there won’t have you missing out on anything. Turn these ideas and behaviours into habits to ensure you lead the healthiest lifestyle possible (while still enjoying it)!

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  1. Christi - I think I am ready to try to make my own yogurt... one of my favorite healthy treats. Do you have/use a particular recipe? Can you share please... along with any hints?