As Kids Get Older, Travel Gets Easier!

Stay with me moms of babies and toddlers, because even when they hit preschool age?  Travel gets easier with kiddos.  We travel, and we travel a LOT.  I have written some posts about how to organize family travel, using your Clek carseat on the airplane (really it's easy), and how to stay sane on the airplane by prepping ahead of time.  This time I want to share with you about how you too can take some of the burden off.  This post contains affiliate links and here is a link to my updated privacy policy.

Literally the best one of the lot.  4/5 looking, and I DGAF about the hair. HAHA!

Here are some ways to make traveling with older kids easier...

Tip 1:  Let them be in charge of their own stuff:

Get your kiddo their own rolling backpack.  I have tried a few varieties, and the one from LL Bean is the best.  It has good pockets and it holds a lot.  I put their clothing (for the whole trip) in the big section, and entertainment and stuff in the front.

Tip 2:  Let them pack their own snacks and toys.

I always pack (and organize the clothes) because let's be real, otherwise it would be a hot mess.  BUT, I do let them pick their own toys.  Depending on where we are going, I usually limit it to one comfort item, an electronic toy, a craft kit or two, and their own snacks for the airplane.  Those go in the front pockets, where they can access them easily.

Tip 3:  Choose snacks wisely

Let's just call this one a favor from me to you.  As much as you might be tempted to throw in a bunch of lollipops (because hello, quiet) you will pay the price.  Especially on long haul flights.  I try to buy things that won't crush easily, and don't have a ton of sugar.  I like olives like these in the individual containers, or these hummus and cracker combo, and dear lord these hippeas things are amazing.

Tip 4:  Download ALL THE THINGS

Be sneaky.  I always have movies (because on the kiddo Kindle I can have a huge SD card), but I always download library books, and sneakily educational apps on there.  Can we talk Kindle for a moment?  I have an iphone, and I love it.  We have two (older) iPads for the kids.  As they get older, and things break, we have totally moved over to kindle.  Here's why:

1.  The price.  SOO much cheaper to replace a kindle if it breaks.

2.  The SD card.  I can basically put any amount of stuff on it, vs a very finite amount for the iPad.

Are you a Kindle or an iPad user?  I am always curious about what everyone else is doing!  Have a great day and happy travels!

four tips to make family travel, travel with kids, easier

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