Using Go-Go Kidz Travelmate with My Clek Fllo on a Airplane

Mar 9, 2016
GOGO Babyz and Clek Fllo airplane

Using the GoGo BabyZ on the airplane saved me.  But, I have to admit, I was skeptical.  I wasn't sure that this thing would simplify our travels, but when I took on a solo trip to Florida?  I decided to give it a try.
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Julie from Clek (who you will probably meet if you go to MommyCon) introduced the Go-Go BabyZ brand to me a couple of months ago.  She swears by it while traveling with the Foonf and the Fllo.  Honestly, I had never traveled with either of my Clek car seats because I was too worried about them getting damaged.  The Foonf is a beast, but for Belle, we decided on the Fllo, which weighs about 10lbs less.  That made it about equivalent weight-wise with the Britax we normally travel with, but the Fllo is much narrower and easier to install.  I figured it was a win-win for the airplane by myself. I was right.

The challenging part was figuring out which one was the best fit and I (finally) settled on the Go-Go BabyZ Travelmate.  The deluxe version was tempting, but because I would only be using it in the airport (instead of restaurants, etc. with an infant seat) I thought the Travelmate was perfect.  It was ridiculously easy to put together.  I was a little bit worried because my hubby is usually my put together guy-but I did it!

clek fllo, clek foonf, clek, clek carseat

 The Go-Go Babyz Travelmate allowed me to quickly attach the car seat.  It was even quicker than unfolding my umbrella stroller.  Really.  I strapped Belle into the Fllo, and off we went.  The Fllo and the Babyz are capable of fitting down the aisle of an airplane.  It does depend on the aircraft, but on one flight, I could pull her (in the seat) all the way down to our row.  Holy cannolis!  Did you get THAT?!  I rolled the seat down that dang aisle that I usually sweat, carrying all of the bags like a daggone sherpa.  I felt like I had all eyes on my glorious ease of parenting moment.  Don't be fooled, I was sweating like a sinner in church, but it worked!

Bottom line, if you travel a lot you need this thing.  Its awesome, its a lot less expensive than a stroller and you can put it in the storage overhead in the plane.  No baggage handler will destroy it under the aircraft.  I also used it for my four year old son.  He was tired, so I strapped the baby on in my Beco, buckled him into the Fllo, and effectively had two modes of transportation for the kids.  Bam.  Mommy win.

clek fllo, clek foonf, clek, clek carseat

GOGO baby Z, clek fllo, clek, clek foonf

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