My Non-Toxic Five Minute Face!

Let's face it, Mom's just don't get much time.  Especially time for silly things like makeup and hair projects!  Ha!  As much as I plan and schedule my time for prettifying time (yes that's clearly the technical name), I am rarely able to achieve my goals. It is important that my makeup routine last only about 5 minutes, and be non toxic.   Here is a link to my updated privacy policy...and this post contains affiliate links.

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Oh, lets talk about those lofty goals.  I have been really trying lately, to make an effort on my daily appearance and taking care of myself.  Part of that has me getting up earlier (most mornings) to make more of an effort with my makeup and hair.  All of that planning is all for naught, more often than not, when some pint sized munchkin wants early morning snuggles.  Or has wet the bed, but we won't discuss that...

I have developed my five minute-non toxic face routine.  This is the one that I can literally slap on in five minutes, and feel pretty decent at preschool drop off.  I am, by no means, a match for the uber styling mamas (you know who you are) but I feel better about the way that I look.

Here's how it goes for non toxic five minute makeup...

1.  I use a tinted moisturizer.  The little bit of coverage goes a long way to help combat redness (obviously not from break-outs because I'm damn near 40 and that would be ridiculous-right?), and those pesky dark circles I seem to perpetually have.  (See above comment about pint-sized munchkins.)  A little pro tip that I recently discovered.  If you let the product dry a little bit over a particular area that needs more coverage, you can blend it after it dries for...INSTANT CONCEALER!  WOO!  HOO!

2.  Mascara.  If you are like me, and not blessed with amazing lashes chances are that you need a little mascara.  Its always good to emphasize those beautiful eyes ladies, and all it takes is a bit of mascara.  No curler needed if you don't have the time, just get in there at the base and guide them where they belong, darn it!  I'm still looking for a less toxic version, but this one is ok for now.

3.  Bronzer.  I use this AMAZING 12 hour blush/bronzer combo. It makes me feel SO much better to have some color on my cheeks.  You may be able to get a better deal at a store like Whole Foods, so I would check that price.  Or if you are like me, who has time for that?!

4.  Lips.  Slap on some chapstick, lipstick, or anything else that you love.  If you are like me, you may have never found one that you can't live without, but that's ok.  A little clear gloss will do too!

That's it.  It is so fast, that I can accomplish it before the baby finishes pulling all of the contents of the drawer onto the floor (or into the toilet, but that's a story for another day).  Do you have a foolproof beauty routine?  I am always ready to try a new product, so share (especially lipsticks)!  You can always check out the EWG database to see how non toxic your products are! 

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five minute face tips and products I use

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