I Should Try to be Productive

So I had my appendix out a few days ago, which was a bit of a surprise.  I'm not sure what I thought the recovery would be like, but I'm a lump.

I'm a lump of drug induced inactivity.  I was pretty sure that I would be up and out of bed in a day or two and at the grocery store on day 3, and so far?  Not so much.  I sort of feel like I gave birth but without the baby bonus.  All of my organs are moving weirdly, I am super swollen and my muscles feel like I just pushed a baby out.  Except for a painful vagina that is.  Ha! Ha!

So, I'm trying really hard to sit still and not do much.  I'm bored and while I thought I was going to be very productive, and I have not been...even a little.  I had visions of writing to get very ahead of my deadlines.  Not stuff you want to know about, but there is actually a fair amount of work that goes into this blogging gig.  I had visions of contacting more vendors for a super awesome new baby giveaway I have coming up in April with my friend Rebecca, but as I was pretty foggy on Percocet, its probably for the best. (Excuse me, Mr. Super Awesome Stroller Guy, can I have one of those?)

That was my vision.  Reality is that I get super excited if I put pants on for the day.  The good news is that I am showering.  Everyone is thankful, I am sure.  The kids are really confused and upset that they can't climb and hug all over me.  Poor little sweethearts.

The great news is that I am getting better every day.  Any day now I will leap out of bed with abandon, skip to my bootcamp yoga class and be on my merry way.  Or I may just head to Florida on Tuesday and whine to my dad about my boo boos.  Yeah, probably that.


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