Call Me Crazy...I'm Flying Solo with Three Kids!

I really don't have much choice in the matter.  If I want to get out of the cold for a few days, I have to fly by myself, with the three heathens.  I'm not looking forward to it, but I'm not stressing TOO much and here's why.

1.We pretty much have it down.  My kiddos travel all of the time, so they know how to behave.  Except for the tiniest heathen, she is still a problem.  HA!  She will be (politely) restrained in a carseat, so she can try all of her tricks without hurting too many people.

2. We are flying Southwest.  I have all of the heart eyes for Southwest.  They let you check 2 bags a person and additional baby gear at no cost.  They have family boarding AND I can gate check any stroller I desire.  (Most airlines have restrictions on the size of the stroller that you can gate check now, so you may want to check with your airline before travel.)

3. I have ALL of the inflight electronic entertainment.  The Honeybadger got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and it will be fully loaded, but we also have older tablets for the two others.  Those bad boys have every PBS app and movie that I can stick on there.

4. Snacks.  Bring it.  Southwest has peanuts and such, but you know how crunchy I am.  I will have a full load of snacks, with an empty water bottle for the kidlets to share in flight.

5. The hubs.  He will help me to the gate.  Yup, anyone can do that.  You just ask for a companion pass when you check in (make sure they have photo id) and they will issue what you need to go to the gate.  It is helpful to have another set of hands.

6. My Clek Fllo will fit down the aisle, so I can drag it on the plane and it becomes an instant extra stroller!  With that and with my Beco, I will have two kids nailed down.  Bam!

7. The kids are responsible for their own bags.  Yup.  My two bigs have rolling backpacks that I can put their stuff in!  Most of their clothing will fit, along with the entertainment devices and snacks that they may want for the trip.

8. I will buy a couple of special plane toys.  Hopefully I won't need those "emergency toys".  Melissa and Doug have these fantastic little inexpensive water writing, sticker and other toys that my kids just adore.  If I don't need them on the flight down, I will have them for coming back.

9. Packing will be easy with my color coded packing cubes.  Its nice that we will be headed for warmer weather, so the clothes DON'T TAKE UP AS MUCH ROOM.  Packing for winter travel is so much harder because of the bulk of all of the clothing!

10.  Booze.  Not really, because I always get a wicked hangover when I fly and drink.  However, it is always an option.  I remember fondly one time a man bought me a drink when I was flying solo with two, and sweating my butt off.  Ok, I refuse to think negatively...I've got this!

I look forward to sharing my adventures in Florida with all of you!  I'm also looking forward to escaping this...



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