Holiday Roundup

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It. Was. Amazing.  We had such a nice, relaxing and fun holiday with the kiddos. After it was done, we were sitting around and trying to figure out why it seemed so much different.  It finally occurred to me, this was the first year I didn't have a new baby or was expecting one at any time.  That would kind of make a difference. LOL!

After simplifying the holiday, it was nice to really relax at the end of it.  I didn't have to worry about wrapping 200 presents at the last hour.  I also have another nugget of wisdom for ya.  We started opening family gifts on Christmas Eve morning.  Santa gets his own day on Christmas day and WOW!  What a difference.

I know you are probably skeptical like I was.  The hubs finally convinced me and I am an absolute convert.  When I was a kid, we opened one gift on Christmas Eve and that was it.  When the kiddos came along, Christmas Day was a bit chaotic.  They would open one present, want to play with it, and that would be it.  It was frustrating for everyone.

Christmas Eve was awesome.  We spent the morning unwrapping the family gifts, and had a magical family nap before church.  It was a child friendly service, BUT Belle managed to be so unruly that they opened one of the preschool classrooms downstairs so we would leave.  HAHA!  I managed to tame the flop sweat while we were down there and then afterwards we made our way to my girlfriend's house.  She has this annual Christmas Eve party that is SO much fun.  The kids have a blast. We have a blast.  It is amazing.

Santa kept us up a little late, and I thought the Matchbox track would end me, but somehow we struggled to bed. Because the kids were up late they slept in!  Let me say that again.  On Christmas morning they slept until 8 am.  It was blissful.

We got up, opened gifts, called our family and played all day.  So fun and so relaxing.

If you are thinking about a Kindle for your kiddos, we love it.  With the SD card, we can download a ton of movies and books for travel.  Plus, with the price, it is very do-able.

On to the NEW YEAR.  I wish I could say we had some NYC blowout or something but no.  I had been really ill, so I took the two older kiddos to my friend's house for a low key but fun couple of hours.  She had just been to Philly and brought my favorite doughnuts!  WAHOO!  Shockingly, we didn't make it to midnight.  It was a fun night anyway...

My friends hubby made a really yummy cocktail

Do you remember this from Philly?

Honeybadger Pic overkill, but she was so cute!
Ok, fill me in.  Did anyone have a super fun New Year?  Please share with me some ideas.  Next year the kiddos will be old enough to really enjoy it, and I am excited.


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