Pinworms, a Tiny Pain in the A**

Pinworms, they are a thing.  Who knew?!  I do now, unfortunately.  It is pretty much the gag me with a spoon, gross out parenting moment of the year.  It's only January, so there's still time.

R3 woke up crying and itching his bottom.  It was so itchy that he couldn't sit still.  We were able to soothe him back to sleep, so I'm thinking-NO WORRIES.  By the morning, his little bum was bright red but he seemed fine.  I was relieved.  

Flash forward to the next night.  Same crying, itching scenario but this time with a red, inflamed bum. This was much worse. Old Doc Google to the rescue came up with PINWORMS.  The pediatrician agreed, so we headed to the pharmacy to get wormer.  

Those little jerks only move around at night so to verify that they exist, you have to use a flashlight after the kiddo is asleep.  Yup!  Checking where the sun don't shine with a flashlight.  #winning. The other alternative is placing a piece of scotch tape over the area to catch eggs and looking for them under a microscope.  Ah, nope.  Thankfully the pediatrician agreed with Doc Google.

The wormer is available over the counter and (three pharmacies later) I headed home with the goods.  The funny part is (insert sarcastic tone) that in order to not reinfect R3, we ALL have to take the meds.  We might have it and not even know.  I spent many of my formative years living on a horse farm, so it was a bit funny to me that I was worming the family.

Gross. Gross. Gross.  R3 and Belle had worms.  The rest of us were inconclusive.  I spent the remainder of my days bleaching, vacuuming, laundering, washing bums and washing my hands bloody. Are you beginning to see why my workout needs have been neglected lately.  It's like a bloody conspiracy!  

At least they (the kids, I mean) are cute.  Cheers to a worm free bum!


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