On the Road Again!!!

This time, I was pretty sure we weren't going to make it.  Not even exaggerating.  The boy developed a fever and a cough on Monday.  The docs had cleared him to travel (after being in the hospital last week) unless he got worse.  Well, he got worse.

Bright and early we headed into the doc and lo and behold, it wasn't a big deal.  Still at this point I am not counting chickens.  The poor hubs, he was so excited about headed home and we were tempering it at every turn.  Until we were on the plane, I wasn't sure it was happening.  

Well we are here!  We are in Nebraska!  I am sitting in an air conditioned vehicle for the long ride to the farm, listening to happy kids playing on the iPads.  Don't judge...long ass day. They were SO good on the plane and I have to say that Delta was awesome.  On the first flight we had a new jet.  Every seat had its own TV system so the kids happily pressed buttons and kicked the seats in front of us for two hours.  After flying to LA it was almost too easy.  The other awesome part?  Family boarding.  I live for that shiz. It absolutely makes my day better, and easier. 

Like father like daughter right?  That picture cracked me up and it was not staged at all!! Ok...maybe a little. Off to the farm we go.  Prep yourselves folks because the in laws are very wired in and I will be taking pictures of a lot of dirty kids.  And corn, lots of corn.


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