Packing, Packing, Packing!

I love to travel.  I really do.  I have traveled all over the world, sometimes luxuriously, sometimes...not so much.  Its nothing like preparing to travel with kids.  The amount of work and planning is always astounding, and I would say I'm an expert at it.

Right now my bedroom is covered in piles.  This is always my first step (after the endless lists).  I lay out the clothes for everyone in a seperate pile.  Next comes the editing.  For our trip to California, I needed a varied wardrobe.  It can be chilly at night, so I needed to make sure we had pants and sweatshirts.  I also had to plan for Disney, so #MonogramAllTheThings attire.  After that we had a BIG 90th birthday celebration for my Grandma, so we needed dressier clothes.  Throw in the bathing suits, sleepwear and everyday wear, and we just about needed our own plane.  HA!  Just kidding.  Thats why I edit.  I make sure that everything matches everything else so that I need fewer items.  I also know that I have access to a washer and dryer, so I don't need underwear and clothes for every day.  THAT REALLY HELPS!

As we head to Nebraska this week (and the grandparents farm) things are a bit different.  We don't need the dressy clothes, or the wide variety.  This actually makes my job much easier! While I still need a sweatshirt and jeans for each of us, the kids just need play clothes.  They get dirty, very dirty.  I fortunately have lots of time to wash clothes!  That seems slightly pathetic in retrospect.  

So far, the kiddos have one pair of pants each, one sweatshirt, one bathing suit, one sun hat, and two sets of pjs (except the baby who has 3).  I break off here because the kids have different needs.  My son can totally trash two entire outfits in a day.  If you have a little boy, you know what I mean.  He needs a few more pairs of shorts and Tshirts than the girls.  For this trip though, he is getting two.  One to wash and one to wear.  Ones that I don't mind throwing away!

I am very seriously considering hiring a babysitter so that I can finish packing.  We have t minus 4 days until we leave and I have not finalized any part of the packing.  Poor hubs, he is always the last to get packed!  Prepare yourself for the pastoral scene onslaught!!


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