Sometimes Being a Parent is Scary

My brother in law said it would happen.  Every kid has these moments that frighten the begeesus out of parents.  We have had our share, but this one may be my least fave.

We all got the Disneyland crud.  You know what I'm talking about.  When you have been on vacation around a zillion people and everyone gets sick.  Super fun, right?

Well R3 may have asthma.  We have known this for awhile and generally it takes him a bit longer to get over the crud than the rest of us.  Other than that, luckily, it hasn't been too bad.

This time it has landed us in the hospital. Not for the asthma per se but for apnea. It can be related to the illness and perhaps his asthma but for now it's a wait and see.  

He is in great spirits and we have a lot of very special people taking care of the girls while we wait and wait and wait and wait. In other news, Hopkins has clowns and it was awesome.


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