What to Bring to Disney for the Kiddos! (And Not Spend a Fortune!)

We love our annual trek to visit the family in California, and they are the number one priority, but it's not a secret that we are a Disney family.   We always try to sneak in a trip Disneyland.  I go a little crazy to make sure we all have our Mickey ears and Disney inspired monogrammed outfits (because, #MONOGRAMALLTHETHINGS).  

After visiting the parks for a few years (and even having season passes), I have learned a few things.  

1. Bring more changes of clothes than you think.  Something about the excitement of Disney causes my children to have more potty and food accidents than normal.  One year two kids destroyed two sets of clothes each.  Hence we have a cute Tigger and Minnie Mouse outfit.  Not a total loss!  

2. Make sure you have a reusable water bottle/sippy cups for the kids.  It's not easy to find drinks when you need them.  Bring what you need, including snacks!

3. Make your dining plans/reservations in advance!  We used to LOVE Ariel's Grotto.  We always made reservations in advance, and the food quality was such that we felt it was the steal of the park. Notice the PAST tense. We won't be doing it this year after a very disappointing menu change last year.  To Disney's credit, when I wrote a letter expressing our disappointment, they showed us why they are number one with customer service.  I'll wait for another post to go through the MANY times Disney customer service has come through for us.

I am exploring other character experiences for this year, and I hope Disney steps up their game!

4. Bring in souvenirs.  The ones in the park are expensive.  Very expensive. Some of the park-only ones are worth it, but chances are that you will find that same costume on Amazon for a fraction of the price. Same goes with the Tiaras, mickey shirts, bubble guns and all the other stuff they tempt you with.

5. Don't bring pickles. Disney pickles can't be beat.

6. Bring or rent a stroller.  When we go to Disney, we always bring our stroller.  Most years I have had the Big Guns (aka) the double.  In my case that is the Bumbleride Indie Twin and Bob.  That sucker is my Sherpa and carrier of exhausted children.  Last year I was able to bring an Umbrella and wear Belle.  This year?  This year I will (probably) be doing a combo rent/bring my own.  Belle is getting pretty big to wear all day and R3, while looking ginormous, is still just three.  Those little (big) legs get tired!

The most important part is HAVE fun!  It is such a pleasure seeing the magic of Disney through the eyes of your children.



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