A Royal Baby and Crazy High Heels

I am a royal baby watcher.  When George was born I was glued to the news and to the TV.  I might have even shed a tear, or two, while watching that sweet family introducing their precious addition. (Except for the car seat fiasco, you know me and car seats.)

While admittedly we had quite a full schedule the day that the new princess arrived, I was avidly watching Facebook and the BBC for news [Very good job. I noticed no increase in "nose in the phone." - the hubs].  When George entered the hospital in his little knee socks?  I swooned (just a little).

Then the royal couple walks out with that precious bundle.  I, like all of you, was truly impressed by the way the Duchess carried herself.  Not that it was a surprise, after George, but the outfit, the hair and the makeup were on point.  Lovely, glam squad or no.  I did think twice about those heels...

After seeing more coverage through the day, repeating the same pictures I began to get annoyed.  Seriously, no woman looks like this after birth.  Best case scenario?  Vaginal birth, no stitches.  Right?  It still freaking hurts.  You are swollen, leaking and SORE.  If you have even one stitch, let's just go with...OW.  

I know most of you lovelies reading me have already experienced birth, but if you are reading this while rubbing that first baby-bump, or if your significant other has that twinkle in their eye, THAT WAS NOT NORMAL. KATE IS EITHER A SUPERHERO ALIEN OR DESERVES AN OSCAR. Good on her, but don't for one second feel like you have let anyone down if you aren't ready to put on your Manolos and strut out of the hospital. 

After every one of mine, I was in a bed, wondering when my next pain meds were coming at 12 hours post partum.  All while snuggling a sweet, squishy baby of course.  I could barely stand.  I needed help to move and I don't think that I'm the only one.

In summary, congrats to them for a healthy birth.  I can't help but feel a bit sorry that she had to get all dolled up when she probably just wants family time, some Sex and the City reruns, sushi, and All Of The Wine!


PS This is what real post-Partum looks like.  No filters Ladies.

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