How to Save Money on your Cell Phone...Seriously.

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The short answer: TING!!!
The long answer:

A few years ago, my hubby suggested that we change things up with our cell phones.  You see, we had been with some of the bigger carriers (in fact two of them) and were getting frustrated by the service and prices.

I would call for a simple issue and be on hold FOREVER and they would have all of my info screwed up so my secret password didn't work.  This was all so that we could spend about $150 a month for one smart phone and one flip phone... and that was before 4g.

Back to the hubs.  When he has great technology ideas, I get scared.  We have this TV/receiver situation that we lovingly call the Death Star.  Why?  Because the daggone thing has a zillion remotes and point this here and point this there.  And a mayday call to work because the baby pushed something and I can't get Daniel Tiger back on!  None of that is an exaggeration and so now you perhaps understand my fear of a cell service change?

I was wrong. Wrong, wrong.  Ladies and germs meet Ting.  It's this magical cell phone company where you pay for what you use and when you have a question?  Poof!  A person, by email or phone.  And they follow up.  I got a new galaxy and had some issues with the set up.  They walked me through it and then sent an email a few days later to make sure it was working properly.  Seriously.  Service.  Real service.  And it works.  No dropped calls or service issues.

The best part is the price. have to buy your phone outright, but you will save so much money on your bill it doesn't matter.  Our average bill is $70.  No joke. There are so many options to use your own phone or buy a used one, that the price of a phone is reasonable.

Don't waste any more money with the big name carriers.  Seriously.  Save your money for something better like shoes, or strollers, or baby carriers.

Click any of the "Ting"s in this article to go to Ting, where you will get $25 in service credit if you activate a device on Ting, or $25 off a new phone on the shop page.

cell phone, money saving, cheap cell phone

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