Evoz-A New Generation of Baby Monitor

I heard about this monitor from one of my Hubby's super nerd friends.  I admit, I shamelessly use them to keep up with techy stuff for me.  As we moms know, I have endless free time to web surf!  Anywhoo, I wanted to be one of the first ones to see this new monitor.

First, EVOZ is small.  Really small.  Kind of cute too, which is not something I can usually say about a Baby Monitor.  It uses a high powered magnet to fasten to its base, which is super cool.  That means no screws or anything and you can easily rotate it around.  SWEET.

It doesnt have a separate monitor, which is pretty different from most of the monitor systems that I am used to.  However, it has apps to pair with your Android or Apple device.  I think that in the next few years we will be seeing more of this.  There isn't any reason to have so many different pieces of technology, when you can just plug your monitor in, and use your iPad, or iPhone, or whatever.

It is literally hot of the presses, so they are still ironing out some kinks, but the customer service was extremely helpful.  Once my particular kinks were worked out, I began Nerding it up ( capital N). Soon, I discovered some pretty innovative features.

With this cool device, you can talk to your child, and play a selection of lullabies (with a timer you can set to shut off automatically).  I had to giggle at the wide range of choices.  Everything from Brahms to reggae which definitely appealed to the eclectic musical tastes in this house.

EVOZ also has a night light that you control with the app.  With three levels of brightness, this can be pretty handy for sneaking in at night, or calming the fears of an older child.  From the app you can also record video/take a picture and record data.  Super cool.

The data is contained in a calendar where you can add pretty much all of the information that you need to get a complete picture of your child's sleeping and eating (and everything else) patterns.  There is a tab in there for parents that gives sleep advice according to age.  The day I discovered it, we were going through a difficult time transitioning R3 to his big boy bed.  I actually was able to use some of the advice from "The Sleep Lady" to help us through that transition.  Even though we have three kids, they are all different and I need help too!

I'm sure you figured it out but my favorite part is that you can see/interact with your child from anywhere.  Wherever you can access the Android or App Store apps, you can use it.  The same goes with grandparents and other family!  You have the ability to give access (and turn it off too...just saying) to anyone you choose.  Daddy is out of town on business, or you are out for a night on the town?  Just open the app and see the kiddo, all nestled in bed.  Worried about crying?  It will send an alert to your app when the crying has reached a duration of your choice.  They have the same option for the room temperature!  So. Cool.

I hope you have as much fun Nerding it up as we did!



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