Spring Break? More Like Spring Breakdown

Sooooo.  Yeah.  Our week started off with a bang.  I actually had spent some time scheduling play dates.  In advance. Gasp!  The shock!

The first play date was with some lovely new neighbors.  It was (somewhat) warm, so we walked.  Halfway there, the Honeybadger (dressed in her usual crazy outfit of the day) proclaimed loudly that her tights were falling down and everyone was going to see her booty and her "bagina".  Very.  Loudly.  Did I mention the passel of old ladies power walking by?

We arrive, have fun, and our hostess excuses herself to check on the two year old.  She comes in, and says, "Christy?  Um.  R3 has no pants on."  Yep.  First play date with these people and he is doing the naked cha cha in the playroom.  At least it's because he went potty on the potty.  Dare I mention he did that TWICE?  Ugh.  Then the Honeybadger was so upset upon leaving that she gave herself a bloody nose. 

At this point I feel like I'm in for a heck of a week, but I had to laugh.  If you don't laugh, you have to cry, right? The next day thankfully we had swimming lessons.  Or did we?  The Honeybadger woke up sick. A fever and feeling icky all day.  Daddy stayed with the girls, so at least R3 could have a normal day.  Normal except I think he threw a temper tantrum at every turn.  NO SHOES!  NO SWIM!  He was really on a roll.  Dude. It's only Tuesday.

As the week progressed it got better and worse.  The boy isn't staying in bed at all. It's naptime, and I hear thundering footsteps down the hall.  Or, it's bedtime, and I catch him watching TV through a crack in my door.  No thundering footsteps then.  The boy can be a ninja when he wants to be quiet.  It is so funny.  How old were your kids when they stopped staying in bed? I'm not sure the Honeybadger ever stayed in bed.  Ever.  It was only a couple of months ago that I found her at the top of 8 foot tall bookshelves.  E gads.


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