So Much Fun at Mt. Vernon

I have had so much fun this week!  The kids and I have had my aunt and cousin from LA visiting and we have been on the sightseeing/family whirl...and it's been fantastic.

We took the kids to Mt. Vernon, which is just outside of Washington DC, and it was perfect.  The grounds are extensive, which is perfect for little legs.  The house and small cottages are interesting for the adults and are relatively short tours, which I appreciate for the kidlets. 

On other parts of the estate you can walk through vegetable gardens, barns, farms and areas where they have various farm animals.  The kiddos were pretty psyched about the cows, pigs and lambs.  I think Mt. Vernon is a definite do over when the family visits!

There is a small museum with artifacts from our first President that seemed lovely, but the Honeybadger managed to pull off a velvet rope and was sharply reprimanded.  Only slightly embarrassing.  Needless to say, it was time to feed the wild animals and be on our way.

Happy weekend folks!


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