Our First Night Away!

Eek! And simultaneously Yay!  We have never spent a night away from the kiddos.   Ever.  We had a baby moon for R3, but as I was SUPER preggo and uncomfortable it doesn't count.

Lily's godfather and his partner are coming to watch the kidlets overnight.  As they want kids of their own it's a bit of trial by fire.   They are around us a lot, so I feel confident that they know the routine.

Off we went to the Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City.  They were having an amazing deal and it is conveniently next to a metro station and a mall.  Lots of options for us!

There were a few hiccups.   Nothing crazy, but we had to change rooms and they very kindly bought us a cocktail and a movie for our issues.  They also surprised us with champagne and strawberries!

We had a lovely time exploring the hotel and the room.  As usual the Ritz has a fantastic workout area with an adjoining pool, perfect for kiddos.  The hubs enjoyed the sauna/steam room combo several times.   Weirdo.   ;)

Chalk this next one up to strange and unpleasant experiences but we happened to ride up in the elevator with a number of Houston Rockets players.  They were staying in the hotel for an upcoming game.  I was somewhat appalled at the rudeness and foul language they used and was VERY glad my kids weren't there.  Considering I am a former Fighter Pilot wife and have heard a few things...that's saying something.  I guess it's a funny story that we can always share!

Overall we had a wonderful time together,  read books, shopped and were wonderfully lazy without the little people.  I discovered that it's important to get away not only to appreciate your spouse but also to miss the kidlets a bit. Thank you my love for a memorable weekend!


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