Keeping All The Balls In The Air

I know I am awfully lucky to be able to stay home with my babies.  I wouldn't trade it, but I had no idea how crazy it can be.

When I worked full time, I seemed to get everything done.  Granted, I had no kids, but those doctor's appointments?  Oil changes?  Done.  On time.

Now I am at home, and I have no time.  I can hardly get the laundry folded and put away.  I usually get to it after they go to bed at night, and I leave little stacks outside the doors to put away in the morning.

Cleaning out the fridge?  It happens occasionally, but when I am on my hands and knees mopping after every meal...I don't know when I'm supposed to do it.  Don't even get me started on touch up paint and baseboards.

Today I packed Belle and the hubs off to a meeting for R3, that didn't exist.  I wonder if I am losing my mind.  

I know that there are lots of stay at home moms and working moms out there and I want to do you get it done?  


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