Diva Cup

I'm going there.  Full on over the top TMI.  Gentlemen, no need to read any further.  I'm talking about the dreaded Aunt Flo. Your monthly visitor, your period.

I have struggled with how to manage mine since I was a teenager.  I know I'm not alone in hating that I have to check myself every couple of hours.  I was always having leaks and had finally resorted to wearing a liner with the tampon and still having to change it every couple of hours.  What a pain, and what a mess.

I heard from a couple of my fellow crunchy mamas about this thing called a Diva Cup.  Honestly, it took me a few months to try it.  First, it costs about 30 dollars, that's a lot of money to chuck at something that you might hate.  The other hesitation I had was simply the nature of the beast (so to speak)  It's a reusable. menstrual. cup.  How on earth could that be pleasant to deal with?!

Well, I'm a convert.  Call this the most disgusting PSA you will ever get from me (no promises), but darn it, that little diva is cool.  Disclaimer:  you get a little up close and personal with your period.  If you have ever used a diaphragm, the application is somewhat similar.  You have to make sure it's fitting properly so that it doesn't leak.  (Very important!)

You then must clean it.  When you remove it, you need to empty the contents and then wash it.  The good news?  Every 12 hours.  Seriously.  You get that thing correctly positioned, and you are good to go until bedtime. That makes the care of it much easier to deal with.  

If you do need to adjust midday, it's fine to just dump in and reinsert.  They recommend cleaning at the next opportunity.  I love the low stress of it.  The leaks are pretty much dunzo, except for operator error.   (Whoops). 

When your period is over and you have hand washed it, you put it in the dishwasher.  Done until next month.  No more running to the store for emergency tampons.  None.  Th squeamish need not apply but dang, go get one!

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