Holiday Traditions? Check.

I was approached by the lovely ladies at Patience Brewster to write about our holiday traditions.  She makes all of these insanely cute holiday ornaments and such.  Feeling a bit daunted by this task, I sat down to think.  Daunted you ask?  Yes because we have ALL of the traditions.

My sweet hubby loves Christmas.  In fact, he wastes no time in starting the holiday.  The day after Thanksgiving, we head out to a local tree farm and pick out the perfect tree.  It's usually a comedy of errors. The weather is freezing, the kids are crying, generally Daddy is the only one enjoying himself.  It does make for some fantastic pictures though!

The owner of the tree farm is a lovely man who dresses up and takes Santa pictures every year.  This was the first epic fail in that regard.  Belle was so upset she was vibrating.  

This was last year, what a difference a year makes!

At the end of the day we always come home with a fresh and wonderful smelling tree.  Daddy and I get pictures that will last long after our precious kidlets are too old to sit on Santas lap.  While we have lots of traditions, this one kicks the season off right!

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