A Barbie Named Hussy

box arrived and I opened it to find kidlet treasure.   This box was full of pre-loved barbies that belonged to my sisters.  The word ratchet comes to mind, though I'm sure they were treasures.  I'm not saying that some of them had been given haircuts, but it's possible. The Honeybadger was immediately smitten.

She found her favorite. The Honeybadger knew it was special because of the compartment in her back and the necklace that pushed in.  She put it on the counter for daddy to replace the dead batteries.   I was breathless with anticipation, and of course, the hubs had the correct batteries.   It sings.   Her new ratchet Barbie sings.  At one very loud volume. 

Later that evening,  she very proudly asked me what I thought Barbie was named. Clearly I had no idea so she loudly proclaimed, "Hussy!"  I would say that she named her after my friend, but that would be rude.

The next day we had preschool conference day, and she asked if she could bring said Barbie. Of course I said yes. Clearly, I forgot the name. 

She flounced into her church preschool loudly (everything the Honeybadger does is loud) and introduced Hussy to everyone.  Let me say again CHURCH preschool. Insert embarrassed eye roll.  Dear Lord, this girl.

As I write this she is yelling Hussy at the top of her lungs because after 3 whole days, Hussy is running out of batteries.   I didn't know that was possible.   Part of me is gleeful, the other part wants to fix said Barbie asap.  I haven't decided which will win. Daddy is here, and he is a total sucker [which means totally awesome. -hubs].  I also know that my sweet nerd hubs has a stockpile of batteries.  (Bless him, he keeps all of the swings swinging and the loud toys playing.)

Ladies and germs, please meet Hussy the incredible singing pre-loved Dolly.  Please tell me your child has something this awesome.  Happy Monday!

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